AI Excel VBA Code Generator

What is an AI VBA Code Generator?

AI VBA code generator is a free online tool that helps users to create VBA code from scratch. It can understand a natural language prompt and convert it to a working VBA code.

Which AI can write VBA code?

Several AI, such as ChatGPT and Google Bard, can write VBA code. If you are looking for an AI to generate VBA code without signup or paying any fees, then try Excelweez AI.

How to use the VBA code Generator?

  1. Type in the prompt in the text area
  2. Click on ‘Generate VBA Code Button
  3. Wait for a few seconds as the AI generates your VBA code
  4. Copy and paste the VBA code to the VBA editor

AI Excel VBA Prompts Examples

Generate a VBA code that hides all empty rows

Generate a VBA code that splits the worksheets and saves them as different workbooks in the same folder.

Create a VBA code that refreshes the Excle workbook every five seconds.

Create a VBA code to highlight all values less than 100 in red

Write a VBA code that sums A1 and A2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can AI write Excel Code?

This AI can write Excel code and save hours of coding manually. Besides, it saves money for hiring developers to write the code. It can write both simple and complex Excel code to increase your productivity.

2. How do I create a VBA code?

You can create a VBA code manually or using an AI. Once you have the code, you can run it in Excel.

Step 1: Open the VBA Editor by using the shortcut ALT+F11 on Windows or Fn+Opt+F11 on Mac. You can also open the editor through the developer tab>VBA. You can learn how to add a developer tab to your spreadsheet in this tutorial.

Step 2: Copy and paste your VBA code from this page

Step 3: Use the shortcut F5 to run the code or click on the green run button

How to run VBA code in Excel

3. Can AI write an Excel Macro?

AI can write an Excel Macro to help you automate your spreadsheet. All you need is to type a prompt that is descriptive enough to get accurate results.

4. Can ChatGPT write VBA code for Excel?

ChatGPT can write VBA code for Excel. It can also generate formulas, sample data, and create tables. In addition, ChatGPT can also Explain Formulas and Excel VBA code.