AI Excel Formula Generator

If you are looking for a fast AI formula generator for Excel, then you have come to the right place. There many generators out they either have a lengthy sign up process or are paid. Luckily we got you covered, just explain what you want to achieve and your formula will be generated within seconds. This AI has been trained with millions of data to ensure it has a solution to every query.

What is an AI Excel Formula Generator?

An Excel formula generator is a tool that automatically creates formulas for performing calculations or data manipulation within Microsoft Excel. It simplifies creating complex formulas by analyzing input data and generating the appropriate formula syntax.

Users can type their desired calculations or requirements, and the generator will produce the corresponding formula, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors in formula creation.

How to use Ai Excel Formula Generator

Follow these simple steps on how to use an online Ai Excel formula generator.

  1. Describe what you want the formula to achieve in the input box.

    Use the input box to describe the formula you are looking for. Be as descriptive as possible by specifying the cells, rows, columns, and sheets where applicable.

  2. Click generate formula

    Once you finish describing the Excel formula you are looking for, click the generate formula button. This AI Excel formula generator will then create a formula in the text area.

  3. Copy the formula

    You can now copy and paste the formula into your Excel sheet formula bar or specific cell. Thereafter, you can press enter to get your results.


Save Time: You can save hours of your time that you could have used coming up with complex formulas.

Accuracy: Excel GPT formula is more accurate compared to a formula generated by a person.

Simplify complex formulas: You can use this as a tool to generate easy-to-comprehend formulas.

Free: This AI Excel formula generator is free of charge. No signup or credit card is required. Furthermore, you can use it as many times as you wish with no limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this Excel formula generator free?

This tool is completely free to use. No limits on how many formulas you can generate.

2. Why use an Excel Formula generator?

It allows users to save time and prevents making errors on the spreadsheet. If you don’t know what formula to use, it can take a lot of time trying to figure it out. Luckily, you can take advantage of a generator to come up with a formula in seconds.

3. Can I use AI formula inside Excel?

Of course you can use it inside Excel. You just need to search AI Formula generator on the add-ins store on your Excel file. The add your preferred option.
How to insert AI formula generator to Excel

4. Can it fix errors in a formula?

If you already have a formula that contains errors. You can paste it in the tool and it will fix the errors for you.

Prompts Examples for the AI Formula generator

If you do not know how to use the generator then here are example prompts.

1. Sum of a Range:
“Create an Excel formula to calculate the sum of values in cells A1 to A10.”

2. Average Calculation:
Generate an Excel formula to find the average of values in the range B1 to B15.

3.Percentage Increase:
Formulate an Excel formula to calculate the percentage increase between the values in cells C1 and C2.

4. Conditional Sum:

Provide an Excel formula that sums values in column D only if the corresponding value in column E is greater than 10.

5. Running Total:
Prompt: Create a formula in Excel to calculate the running total in column F for the range F1 to F20.

6. VLOOKUP Function:
Generate an Excel formula using the VLOOKUP function to retrieve data from a table in cells G1 to I10 based on a specified lookup value.

7. Countif Function:
Formulate an Excel formula using the COUNTIF function to count the number of cells in range J1 to J15 that meet a specific condition.

8. Date Difference:
Provide an Excel formula to calculate the number of days between the dates in cells K1 and K2.

9. PivotTable Sum:
Create an Excel formula that uses a PivotTable to sum values from a data range in columns L and M.

10. IRR Calculation:
Generate an Excel formula to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for a series of cash flows in cells N1 to N10.

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