Excel to MySQL Converter

Excel to SQL Converter


What Excel to MySQL converter?

Excel to SQL converter is an online tool that converts Excel data to MySQL. It translates data from an Excel spreadsheet into SQL (Structured Query Language) statements that can be used to create tables or populate databases.

How it works

Here are the steps on how an Excel to SQL converter functions.

1. Parse Excel Data: The converter reads the contents of an Excel file, usually using a library or programming language that supports Excel file manipulation. For this tool, we have used the SheetJS library.

2. MapExcel Columns to Database Tables/Fields: Users might define mappings between the columns in the Excel sheet and the tables/fields in the SQL database. For instance, they might specify that column A in the Excel sheet corresponds to the “Name” field in the “Customers” table.

3. Generate SQL Statements: Based on these mappings, the converter generates MySQL statements. For creating tables, it might generate CREATE TABLE statements specifying the table name and columns with their respective data types. For data insertion, it generates INSERT INTO statements with the values from the Excel sheet.

4. SQL Output: Once the tool has converted Excel to MySQL the output is displayed in the preformatted area. You can copy it using the one-click copy button or download it as a MySQL file.


Fast: The Excel to MySQL conversion process takes place in 5 seconds

Secure: The conversion takes place in the browser engine hence no data is uploaded to our server.

Copy Code in one click: By the press of a button you can copy the generated SQL code.

SQL file output: If you would like the SQL file, then this tool is for you. As a bonus, you can download the file to import to your database directly.

Important notes:

The name of the sheet automatically becomes the name of the table in MySQL

How to use Excel to MySQL converter

Here are the three simple steps to use our Excel to MySQL converter.

1. Upload File

2. Click convert to SQL button

3. Copy SQL code or download the SQL file

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