Free XML to Excel Converter Online

What is XML?

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a text-based format for storing and transporting data. It uses tags to define data elements and their structure. XML is widely used in web development and data exchange between different systems.

How to convert XML to Excel online

Learn how to convert XML to Excel file online for free. No sign-up is required. The Excel file is properly formatted so it’s easy to read compared to the XML

  1. Open Excelweez XML to Excel converter

    Excelweez offers seamless XML to XLSX conversion. It utilizes the browser kennel to convert the file from the .xml extension to the latest Excel format.

  2. Click choose file

    Once you click this button, the file explorer will launch. Don’t worry about going through hundreds of file types. Excelweez is smart to show you only XML files available in a given directory. Select the file you wish to convert and click open.
    How to convert XML to Excel Free Online

  3. Click Convert to Excel

    Click the convert to Excel button to initiate the conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I convert XML file to Excel?

You can convert XML files to Excel using an online converter like this one. All you need is to upload your file and click the button to convert. Alternatively, you can use the Excel software. You just need to import XML data to Excel and then save the file.

2. Can Excel read an XML file?

Yes, Microsoft Excel can read an Excel file. But first, you need to import it to Excel, whether it’s a file or through a link if it’s a webpage.

3. How to convert XML to XLSX?

You can convert XML to XLSX by using an online converter. XLSX is the modern file extension for Excel files.

4. How to open an XML file?

You can open an XML file using any web browser. Alternatively, you can convert it to an Excel file and then use Office software to view it. Other ways to view XML files include online reader, WPS, and OpenOffice.