Online CSV File Viewer

What is a CSV File?

CSV file stands for Comma-separated values. As the name suggests, the data is separated using commas. But there is another version of SCV that is separated by commas. CSV is popular because it stores tabular data in plain text. Each line of the CSV file represents a single data record.

CSV file example download

Here is an example of how CSV stores its data.


Download CSV file example

How to open a CSV file?

The most common software for Opening CSV files is MS Excel, but you can use any other spreadsheet software or programs such as the text editor. You can also open a CSV file by using Google Sheets, WPS, and online CSV file viewer such as this one.

How to Open CSV file using Excelweez file viewer

You can open a CSV file using this tool. Here are the steps

1. Click on the browse file button to launch the file manager of your device.

2. Select the CSV file that you wish to view. This tool makes the selection easy as it displays only the CSV files in your directories by hiding other formats

3. Click view CSV. Your CSV file will be displayed on your browser.

Why choose Excelweez online CSV viewer

View CSV from any device. You can view or open CSV files using this tool regardless of your operating system. Whether you are on Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS, or iOS, the CSV viewer still works. All you need is an internet connection.

Secure: The CSV is not uploaded to our servers. This online viewer utilizes your browser’s engine.

Fast: It takes less than 5 seconds to view a CSV file using this tool.

Free: Open CSV files without paying anything

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I open a CSV file on my phone?

You can open a CSV file on your phone by using this online CSV file viewer. Alternatively, you can download the Excel app or Google Sheets from the Play Store. Other apps that you can use include WPS.

2. Is CSV the same as Excel?

CSV file is not Excel. Excel files are more complex in that they can store formulas and pictures. CSV files only store plain text. If you are looking for a way to view Excel files without Excel, use the Online Excel file viewer.

3. How to convert CSV files into Google Sheets?

To convert a CSV file into Google Sheets, Open a blank spreadsheet. Next, click on file>import, then select your CSV file.

4. How to convert a CSV file to Excel (XLSX)

You can convert a CSV file to Excel by opening it using Excel software. Once you open it click on save, then save as an Excel file. Conversely, if you wish to convert Excel to CSV, then use the Excel program. Alternatively, you can use Excel to CSV file converter online.