Google Sheets Ai Formula Generator

What is Google Sheets Ai Formula Generator?

Google Sheets Ai Formula generator is a free tool that creates formulas based on user inputs. It can understand and process natural language instructions. This tool utilizes AI to generate formulas for Google Sheets.

How to use Google Sheets Ai formula Generator?

Step 1: Write your prompt in the input box

Step 2: Click on Generate formula

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds as the AI analyzes your input and generates results

Step 4: Copy your formula and paste it on your Google Spreadsheet

Prompts Examples

Here are some example prompts to help you craft your own instructions

  1. Generate a Google Sheets formula to calculate the average of values in column A.
  2. Create a formula that counts the number of cells in column B that contain the word “apple.”
  3. Generate a formula to find the sum of values in column C if they meet a certain condition (e.g., greater than 50).
  4. Create a formula to concatenate the text in cell D2 with the text in cell E2.
  5. Generate a Google Sheets formula to calculate the total revenue (product of quantity and price) in columns F and G.
  6. Create a formula to find the maximum value in range A1:A10.
  7. Generate a formula that checks if the date in cell B3 is greater than the date in cell C3 and returns “Yes” or “No” accordingly.
  8. Create a formula to extract the domain from a list of email addresses in column D.
  9. Generate a formula to calculate the compound interest for an investment with given principal, interest rate, and time period in cells E2, F2, and G2.
  10. Create a formula to find the nth Fibonacci number, where n is specified in cell H1.

How to write efficient prompts

1. Be as descriptive as possible

For the AI to understand Exactly what you are looking for you need to be as descriptive as possible. For example, describe the exact data range, column, row, sheet, or cells. If you want to generate a formula that finds the standard deviation of a column here’s how you can do it. Generate a formula to find and calculate the standard deviation of all the data located in Column B

2. Keep it short

Keeping your prompt short can lead to accurate results. Although the AI can understand a large text, a short prompt will be more accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Generate a Google Sheets formula for free?

Yes, this Google Sheets formula generator is free to use. No credit card or sign in required. Create your formulas on the go.

2. Is there a formula builder on Google Sheets

There are many formula builders on Google Sheets. However, you need to install extensions and add openAI API keys in most. The best alternative is to use an online tool such as this one, Google Bard or ChatGPT.

3. Can I generate an Excel formula using this tool?

You can generate Excel formulas using this tool. However, for an improved experience, you can make use of the Excel Formula Generator. Type your prompt and let AI do the job for you.

4. What is a Sheets Formula Ai?

A sheets formula AI is an online tool that generates formulas for your spreadsheet.

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