Excel to CSV File Converter Online

What is an Excel File?

An Excel file is a digital spreadsheet created and used by Microsoft Excel Software. It organizes data into rows and columns, allowing users to store, manipulate, and analyze large amounts of information. Excel files support various data types, formulas, and functions, enabling calculations, data visualization, and automated tasks. They are commonly used for financial analysis, project management, data tracking, and other tasks requiring structured data management.

What is a CSV file?

A CSV file, short for Comma-Separated Values, is a plain text file format for storing tabular data. Each line in the file represents a row, and commas or other delimiters separate the values within each row. CSV files are commonly used for data exchange between different software applications and are easily readable by humans and machines. They are lightweight, widely supported, and can be opened and edited with spreadsheet software or text editors.

How to convert Excel to CSV online

  1. Choose File

    Click on the Choose file button to launch file explorer. The tool will display only files with an Excel extension (XLS, XLSX), making distinguishing your file easier. Now choose the file that you wish to convert.

  2. Click Convert to CSV

    Initiate the conversion process by clicking convert to CSV. The Excel file will be converted to CSV in the browser.

  3. Wait 5 seconds

    Once you click the conversion button, the CSV file will download automatically while retaining the original file name.

Excel Vs CSV

FeaturesExcelCSV (Comma-Separated Values)
File FormatProprietary (.xlsx, .xls)Plain text (.csv)
FunctionalityRich features, formulas, chartsSimple data storage
SizeCan handle large datasetsLightweight, compact
CompatibilityCompatible with ExcelCompatible with multiple software
Human ReadableRequires specific softwareEasily readable with any text editor or spreadsheet software
Data IntegrityPreserves formatting and formulasStores data only, no formatting or formulas
Import/ExportSupports various file formatsWidely supported for import/export operations
CollaborativeSupports collaborative editingLimited collaboration capabilities
UsageComplex calculations, analysisData exchange, simple data storage

Why Choose Excel Weez?

Fast: This tool converts Excel to CSV in 5 seconds. Once you hit convert, the file downloads automatically in 5 seconds.

Secure: Your data is safe as no file is uploaded to the server. We use browser technology to facilitate conversion.

No Installation required: Convert your file online without installation. You don’t need to install any software or application to your device.

Retain file name: You don’t have to rename the CSV file to match the Excel file name. This downloader will retain the name apart from the file extension.

Download CSV Free: Unlike other tools, this converter offers free automatic download.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this Excel to CSV converter online free download?

Excel Weez is an Excel to CSV converter online free download. You don’t have to pay anything; the CSV file downloads automatically once you click the convert button.

2. Can I convert XLS to CSV online using this tool?

Yes, you can convert XLS to CSV using this converter.

3. Can I convert XLSX to CSV using this tool?

You can convert XLSX to CSV (Comma Delimited) using this tool.

4. How to convert Excel to CSV without Excel?

If you don’t have Excel Software, you need to use an online converter like this one. It’s incredibly fast, free and secure. Plus, you get to use any operating system.

5. How to convert Excel file to CSV without opening

You can convert Excel files to CSV without opening by using an online converter such as Excelweez. All you need is to upload your XLS or XLSX to this tool and then hit the convert button. Your file will convert and download automatically in 5 seconds.

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