Online Excel File Viewer


If you are looking for a way to view your Excel file online faster then this is it. ExcelWeez offers a simple and fast Excel viewer. Use it to read your Excel file from any devices.

How to View Excel File Online

  1. Open ExcelWeez Online Excel Viewer

    First launch open this website to view your Excel file online.

  2. Upload Your Excel File

    Click on Choose File and select the Excel file from your device. Once you locate the file click on it then open so that it can upload

  3. Click on View Excel

    Click on View Excel button to display it on your browser.

  4. Navigate the file

    Scroll through the Excel file using the mouse or hand gestures on the mobile phone


1. Supports all Devices: You can view Excel files using this tool from any device as long as it can browse internet. For example it supports Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux.

2. Lightweight: This tool is lightweight making it the best option to read even large Excel files.

3. Secure: The file is not uploaded to the server. ExcelWeez Excel viewer uses the browser technology to display Excel

4. Fast: The Excel file will be displayed on your screen instantly when you upload and hit the view button.

5. Free: This tool is free to use. View your Excel files online from any device free of charge.

6. No restrictions: You can view as many Excel Files you wish per day without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open and view XLSX file online?

Yes, you can open a XLSX and XLS file online and view it using the ExcelWeez Excel file viewer tool.

How can I open an Excel file without Excel online?

You can open an Excel file online without Excel by using an online Excel viewer like ExcelWeez. Jus upload your file and click view to open your Excel file online.

How do I open an Excel file in Chrome?

You can open an Excel file in Chrome using Excelweez tool.

Can I open Excel File online on my iPhone?

Yes, you can open and view Excel files online using your iPhone. Open ExcelWeez file viewer on your iPhone then upload you file and view it

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