Online JSON to CSV File Converter

How to convert JSON to CSV online

How to convert your JSON file to CSV online in 5 seconds

  1. Upload JSON file

    Click on choose file, then select your JSON file from the file explorer

  2. Initialize conversion

    Click convert to CSV button for the conversion process to begin

  3. Wait 5 seconds

    Excelweez will convert your JSON to CSV file and download will start automatically after 5 seconds

What is CSV?

CSV is the initial for comma separated values. It takes a row as an array to represent a single record. Additionally, one column in a CSV represents a single element in the record.

One thing that makes CSV unique from other file formats is that it stores data in a format that is easily readable. Furthermore, you can open it using almost any text editing software. The file extension of a CSV file is .CSV.

What is JSON?

JSON is the abbreviation of the term JavaScript Object Notation. It is a language independent format that can be easily executed by its server. JSON is popular as it supports arrays and objects data structures. You can store various types of data such as strings, integers, arrays etc.

It is an alternative to XML format that is easily readable. Unlike CSV JSON can store data in hierarchical order. The file Extension for JSON is .JSON.


File Extension.json.csv
SecurityLess SecureMore Secure
VersatilityLess VersatileMore Versatile
SecurityLess SecureMore Secure
CompactnessLess compact in comparison to CSVMore compact in comparison to JSON
ScalabilityEasily scalable compared to CSVLess Scalable compared to JSON
Data TypesUses JavaScript (JS) data typesDoes not use any data types
MemoryIt uses more memory than CSVUses less memory than JSON
JSON Vs CSV Comparison Table

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