7 tips to make Excel less laggy

Excel running slow is a popular problem many have experienced. No doubt that Excel is an important worksheet that helps many to store and solve data problems. However, Excel may start running slowly when it has a large data set to deal with. Therefore, if you are looking for how to make excel less laggy, you are at the right place. We can’t deny the fact that it hurts having an excel worksheet that lags behind. It may delay your precious time even for 30 seconds, and in extreme cases, it may freeze and “not respond.” The following steps will help you solve a lagging excel worksheet.

Steps to make Excel less laggy

I’ll take you through the steps you can use to make your excel less laggy. It just depends on the issue or the kind of problem it has. The following steps will help you.

1. Keep everything in a single workbook

You can use a single workbook instead of multiple in order to avoid the slow performance of Excel. Multiple workbooks mean more references and may slow down your Excel worksheet. Therefore, you can make your excel less laggy by avoiding such.

2. Sort data

This is another popular reason that will make your Excel less laggy. Make sure to sort your data in an organized way in order to make your excel faster.

3. Don’t use volatile formula

If you make a change in Excel, volatile formulas are recalculated. Some of the volatile formulas include INDIRECT, NOW, and more. If your Excel worksheets contain a lot of volatile formulas, they will become slow. Therefore, you can get rid of volatile formulas in order to improve the speed and performance of your Excel worksheet.

4. Enable manual calculation

Using Manual calculation is also useful to make an Excel spreadsheet less laggy. Just enable the manual calculation to avoid excel calculating automatically. This tip will not only improve the speed but also make excel laggy.

5. Avoid using the whole row or column in reference

If you have a habit of using the entire column or row in reference,  you should get rid of it. This habit will affect your Excel, and you’ll experience performance issues.

6. Disable excel add-ins

Using Excel add-ins is helpful, but it may also be a problem in making your excel slow. In critical situations, Excel may freeze or even crash. Therefore, disabling Excel add-ins is another great option if you need to improve the speed and avoid lagging.

How to disable Excel addins

7. Repair Excel file

You can also solve slow excel by repairing Excel files and using it with ease. Luckily, you can use a number of third-party tools to solve the issue. The internet world will give you a platform to access those third-party tools. Just get them from the internet and fix this problem which may slow down your excel.


Those are some of the reasons that might slow down your excel. You can adjust those issues as you expect an improvement in your Excel. You can research more on their procedures if you are not sure how to do it.

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