How do I get the undo button back in Excel

While using Excel in one way or another other, you will come across the need to return back to the last or more actions that you made. This is where the undo button becomes of much usefulness. The undo button has the ability to return back more than 100 actions depending on the Microsoft version you are using. However, what happens when you cannot find the undo button. The article will highlight how to get the undo function in a simple step.

First, you will need to know HOW excel looks like without the undo button.

If your Excel is without the undo button, just like the screenshot above, you don’t have to worry.

Get the undo button back in Excel with Quick Access Toolbar

By default, the undo buttons are located in the Quick Access Toolbar. Here is how to get your undo button back: –

1. Launch Excel and access the workbook.

2. In an open Excel workbook, click Customize Quick Access Toolbar

3. On the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu. Click Undo, and there you have your undo button back. By just clicking it, you have successfully added it to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can now see it.

Get the undo button back in Excel with Classic Menu

Besides the Quick Access Toolbar, you can also be able to get back the undo button back in excel with Classic Menu. The classic menu exists for different Microsoft Office like Office 20077, 2010, 32013, 2016, 2019, and 365. The classic interface supports all languages and all new commands of specific offices. What you have to do is:

1. Click the menu tab on the Main menu ribbon

2. Then go to the Edit menu.

3. On the drop-down menu, find the Undo Function and use it to return back to more than one action

4. You can also click an arrow that is next to undo and be able to choose the action that you want to return to.

How to get undo button back in the latest Excel versions

In the latest updated versions of the Excel suite with some changes to the interface, you might not be able to find the undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. You do not have to get worried; the updated version came with changes to the Quick Access Toolbars. The undo buttons are not there under the Quick Access Toolbars. You can be able to put the undo back into the ribbon and always see it in the Quick Access Toolbar once again. Therefore, to get back, the undo button: –

1. Go to the Home ribbon on the left side. You will see the undo button.

2. Right-click on the undo button. On the undo button menu, choose to Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Note: Despite the missing undo button, you can still access the Undo and Redo functions while using shortcuts. On the Keyboard, all you have to do is press the shortcuts Ctrl+Y for redo and Ctrl+Z for undo.


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