How to add a footnote in Excel: 4 Easy Methods

Footnotes are helpful when it comes to providing extra and important details. Although Excel is not a word editing software, you can still add footnotes. This can be helpful, especially if you have data and charts that need a little extra explaining.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a footnote in Excel.

Using Page Layout

The first and easiest method to add footnotes is by using a page layout.

1. Open the spreadsheet containing the data that you want to add a footnote

2. Click on Page Layout from the Menu

3. Under the page layout tab, navigate to page setup and click on the dropdown arrow.

4. Click on the header/footer tab

5. Under the footer, click on the dropdown arrow to choose the footer style that you wish to use.

6. If you want a custom footer, just click on the custom footer button, then design it per your liking

7. Click on print preview or okay to apply changes. When you click print preview, it will apply changes and take you to a preview screen. Here you will get to see how the pages will appear when you print them.

When you click okay, it will take you back to the spreadsheet.

How to add a footnote in Excel

The image above shows what the Excel document looks like after adding a footer.

How to add a footnote in Excel Using Context Menu

Click on a cell where you wish to place the footnote

Right-click on it and select Insert comment

A comment box will show up containing the author’s name;

How to add a footnote in Excel using comments

You can use this section to add your footnotes. Additionally, you can also change the user name.

Using Superscripts

When working with financial reports, it’s important to include footnotes. They help in clearing any assumptions users may have. Superscripts make it easy to add footnotes to financial data and charts. Follow these simple steps.

It is important to note how you can create the superscripts using UNICHAR and CHAR functions. Here is a list of various representations.

1: CHAR(185)

2: CHAR(178)

3: CHAR(179)

4: UNICHAR(8308)

5: UNICHAR(8309)

6: UNICHAR(8310)

7: UNICHAR(8311)

8: UNICHAR(8312)

9: UNICHAR(8313)

Click on a cell containing data that you want to add some footnotes to.


Replace the original text or number with the following formula. (Replace Price with the content of your cell.”

This will add power notation or superscript at the end of your value.

Click on an empty cell to add the footnote referencing the superscript you have just added. Type in =CHAR(185)&”Your footnote here”

For example

=CHAR(185)&”All the prices are in Us Dollars.”

You can add more footnotes using the subsequent superscripts. For example, use the following formula to add a superscript of 2

=”iPhone 3″&CHAR(178)

After adding the superscript head over to the footer and add the following formula

=CHAR(178)&”Only five left in stock.”

How to add a footnote in Excel

How to add a footnote in Excel Chart

You can add a footnote to an Excel chart using the shapes text box.

1. Open the spreadsheet containing your chart

2. Navigate to insert shapes, then select a text box

3. Use the mouse to draw it below the chart

4. Type the text you wish to appear as a footnote in your Excel chart.

How to add a footnote in Excel charts

Viola, you have successfully inserted a footnote under your Excel chart.

Practice Workbook

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have learned how to insert a footnote in different types of Excel data. Whether you want to insert it in a table, a chart, or a normal page, follow the steps provided in this guide.

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