How to go to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet

When working in Excel, you may want a quicker and more efficient way to navigate through your spreadsheets. There are many keyboard shortcuts one can use when working with excel. Some of them even enable you to reach the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet.

In our guide below, we discuss the different ways and steps to take when you want to go to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet. Here we go.

Shortcuts to go to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet

Use ctrl + end

You can use is the ‘End’ key as the most reliable option. The End key can be found at the right corner computer keyboard. Somewhere close to the ‘PgDn’ AND ‘right arrow keys. When you press the End key, it will automatically take you to the worksheet bottom.

Apart from pressing this key alone, you can click on the Ctrl + end. No matter where you are in your worksheet, pressing these keys will take you to the intersection of the last used column and the last used row.

use ctrl+end to go to the bootom of an excel spreadsheet

Sometimes when using these keys, Excel will move your selection further down or to the right than where your data range is. It mostly occurs when there was previous data or formatting on those cells which were deleted. This makes Excel take you to the original bottom cell.

To solve this, first, save your worksheet with deleted rows and columns, making Excel recalculate the bottom cell.

Use ctrl + down arrow

You can also go to the bottom of your Excel worksheet by clicking on the Ctrl + Down Arrow key.

use ctrl+down arrow to go to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet

Pressing these keys will also move your cursor to the next sheet.

Apart from this, you can also use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to reach the end of your spreadsheet. The upwards arrow key will enable you to return to the top of your spreadsheet.

use  page down key

The Page Down key is written as PgDn, and it is at the far bottom right side of your keyboard. When you press Ctrl and the Page down key, it takes you to the next Page of your spreadsheet. Press it several times until you reach to the end of the worksheet.

pg dn shortcut to navigate to the last row

Shortcuts to go to the top of a spreadsheet

Use ctrl +home 

The Ctrl + Home key will enable you to return to the top of your spreadsheet in case you are wondering how to return there after scrolling to the bottom.

Use page up

On the other hand Page Up key will take you to the previous Page of your spreadsheet. This key is found at the bottom right side of your keyboard. It is written as PgUp.

Use ctrl up

use ctrl + up arrow to navigate on top of excel fast.

Using the mouse

You can also scroll through to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet while using the mouse. To do this, place your cursor to the downward pointing arrow on your spreadsheet. This is the bottom right corner of your spreadsheet. Click and hold your mouse and let it scroll through the spreadsheet until you reach the bottom.

But if you are working with a range of data, place your mouse on the edge of one cell that contains data until it forms a cross. Double-click on your mouse to move to the end of your data range.

Other useful shortcuts

Use Shift+ spacebar

The keyboard keys Shift + Spacebar will help you select the entire row you are currently on while working in an Excel spreadsheet.

use ctrl + spacebar

The Ctrl + Spacebar keys will enable you to automatically select the entire column that you are currently on.

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