How to paste in Excel as values (5 simple methods)

The idea of copying and pasting is common in computers and other electronics like a mobile phones. Apart from using the case, individuals can use the CTRL key and then press C to copy. To paste, people also use the CTRL key, followed by V to paste. Those formulas also apply in Excel to copy-paste formulas, notes, values, and more. However, you may only be in need of values and not other staff such as formatting and formulas. If you want to know how to paste values only, then you are at the right place. I will take you through the methods with steps and examples. Below are the methods.

Ways to paste in excel as values

Here are the ways you can use to paste in excel as values.

  • Using right click
  • Paste special keyboard shortcuts
  • Paste a special legacy keyboard shortcut
  • Paste special from the Home tab.

I will take you through each of the above methods with relevant examples. Let’s get in

In this article, we will use the following data for illustration purposes.

Example data with condional formatting and formulas

Using right click

Right-clicking is the easiest and most painless way of pasting data in Excel as values

1. First, highlight your data

2. Right-click anywhere on the selection and select Copy

Right click and select copy in Excel

3. Navigate to the location you wish to paste as values

4. Right-click and select the second paste option (Values V) with 123 sowing on the clipboard

How to paste in Excel as values

6. That’s it. As you can see, we have pasted values in Excel with formulas, formatting, or dollar sign in the screenshot above.

Using paste special from the home tab

This is another way how to paste in excel as values. For those who prefer using their mouse, this method allows you to access the paste values command situated in the ribbon command.

Steps to use paste values from the ribbon

1. Copy the data containing the values you wish to paste to your clipboard.

2. Choose the cell you wish to copy your values into.

3. Visit home Tab.

4. Thereafter, on the paste button from your clipboard, click the lower part.

5. In the paste options, choose the values clipboard icon.

paste as values using the menu


Paste in Excel as values using special keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the greatest ways to paste in excel as values. Suppose you are given a data set containing various information from notes, data, and more. The following are the steps you can use to paste in excel values using this method.


1.  copy data

2. Go to a new page in the same  Excel workbook to paste those values.

3. Use the following keys to open the special paste menu. Just press “CTRL+ ALT + V.”

4. Press the V key.

Shortcut to paste in Excel as values

5. Finally, press OK

After completing the above steps, your values will be pasted. It won’t include any data validation, comments, formulas, and more, but values alone.

Use keyboard shortcut ALT,E,S,V (special legacy)

With a variety of data copied in the clipboard, you can use a special menu with the following keys “Alt” + E + S on the keyboard. The special menu will open, and you can use V to select the values option.

Shortcut to paste as values in Excel

Using ALT,H,V,V shortcut

The alt key on the keyboard is a very powerful shortcut feature. Once you press it shows the excel shortcuts on the ribbon. You can follow the guide to get things done faster Here are the steps to paste in Excel as values using the ALT, H, V, V shortcut

1. Select and copy your preferred data

2. Navigate and tap on cells in the area you wish to paste

3. Press the Alt key and then the H key

ALT>H in Excel

4. Press V to launch the paste panel

press v to launch paste panel

5. Finally, press V to paste only values

Use ALT>H>V>V to paste values only


Download how to paste in Excel as values practice workbook

How to paste values only in Excel practice workbook

This method is awesome. You will always see a data preview of the values you wish to paste.  Therefore, you will be sure that you are picking the correct options.

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