3 easy ways to print Excel in the middle of a page

After working on Excel worksheets, you may need to print out your workbook. Printing comes with different editing features. You can specify custom margins, change margins, or even center your worksheet to be printed vertically  or horizontally. Excel also offers users printing features that enable them to print workbooks in the middle of the page. It is handy mostly when you have created a small worksheet in Excel. So, to ensure you get an organized and effective presentation, it is a good skill to know.

In this article, we discuss how to print Excel in the middle of the page. Let’s get started.

Using the Page Layout Feature

1. In an open Excel workbook, click on the Page Layout tab on the main menu ribbon.

2. Click on the dialog box launcher in the Page Setup It is in the lower right corner of this section.

3. Click on the Margins

4. Under the Margins tab, in the Center on page section, select the vertically and horizontally check boxes. The horizontal checkbox ensures your data is centered left to right between the margins of the page, while the vertical checkbox ensures your data is centered top to bottom between the margins. When you select both checkboxes, your data will be centered on the page both horizontally and vertically.

5. Preview your results by clicking on the Print Preview The preview will show your data has been set up in the Center of the page.

6. Click the OK

How to center a range in Excel automatically

1. In an open Excel workbook, click on File of the main menu ribbon.

2. Click on the Print option in the context menu list on the left pane.

3. Under the Settings section, click on the drop-down arrow in the Normal Margins

4. Click on the option ‘Custom Margins’

5. Clicking on this option will display the Page Setup In this window, click on the Margins tab.

6. Under the Center on-page section, click on the horizontally and vertically checkboxes to select them.

7. Click the OK


When you center data on a page, it only works on the currently selected sheet. Therefore, any changes made on one sheet, will not affect the other sheets.

How to print a selection in Excel

At times, you may only need to print out a section of data in your worksheet without having to print out the whole work, you can easily do this by selecting the range of cells that contain the data you want to print out.

select are you wish to print

Next, go to the File tab on the main menu ribbon. Click on the Print option. Under Settings, you will see the option Print Selection. Click on the drop-down arrow.

Excel print options

In the displayed list, you can choose to Print Active Sheets, Print Entire Workbook, or Print Selection.

Select the Print Selection option to print out your current selection.


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