How to turn off Excel sounds

Microsoft Office sounds are intended to increase your productivity as they provide audio cues. Such cues can also act as warnings when necessary while working with Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Excel gives you a “ding” sound whenever you do anything wrong. Inevitably, the sounds produced while working with spreadsheets may end up being unnecessary and add to your frustration.

In this article, we discuss how you can turn off Excel sounds effectively. Here we go.

Understanding Excel sounds

Before you learn how to turn off Excel sounds, you have to understand the kind of sounds the program makes. There are mainly two kinds of sounds your Microsoft Excel program may make, which include:

Feedback sounds – these are Excel audio cues that occur after completing actions. For instance, after pasting data or doing an AutoFill, Excel will produce such sounds.

Notification sounds – these are Excel’s warning or error message sounds.

Keyboard shortcut keys to turn off sound in Excel

You can turn off sound effects in Excel using keyboard shortcuts with the following steps.

1. Start by navigating to File menu.

2. Press on Alt, F, and T keys to open Options.

3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Ease of Access option once you are in the options tab

4. Press on the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate to the Provide feedback with a sound checkbox.

5. Press the OK key to deselect the checkbox.

Turning off Excel sounds using the Options menu

You can turn off Excel sounds in versions 2016, 2019, and Office 365 and later through the Options menu. To do this, you will need to disable the Provide feedback with the sound checkbox.

1. In an open Excel workbook, click on the File menu on the main ribbon.

2. In the displayed context menu list, click on Options.

3. Next, enable the Ease of Access

4. Click and uncheck the Provide feedback with the sound This option is in the Feedback Option section.

5. Click the OK

Turning off Excel Sounds in Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2010

1. In an open Excel worksheet, click on the File tab on the main menu ribbon.

2. Click on Options to display the Excel Options dialog window.

3. Here, enable the ‘Advanced, tab which is on the left side pane.

4. Scroll down to the General section on the right side of the window.

5. Click to disable the checkbox next to Provide feedback with sound.

6. Click the OK

Turning off error sounds in Windows

Error sounds are always generated by your computer’s operating system. To turn off these sounds, here is what you will do:

1. On your computer, click on the Settings

2. In the displayed menu list, click on system.

3. Next, click on sound on the left side pane.

4. Scroll through the given options and go to the Related Settings

5. Here, click on the option Sound control panel to open the Sound dialog box.

Apart from the steps above, you can directly go to Control Panel > Sounds

6. In the displayed Sound dialog box, click on the Sounds

7. Under Program Events, click on the event you want to modify.

8. Click on the drop-down arrow to display a list.

9. Select ‘None’ to turn off Excel sounds.

10. Click

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