How to Bullet Inside Excel Cell: 5 Simple ways

Excel helps to organize work at school, at an office, or at home. For this reason, you may need to bullet inside Excel cell as you create to-do lists, workflows, and bulletins. For someone used to working with data only or first-time users, they might face some changes adding the bullet point. Unlike The Text processing programs such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, Excel does not have a built-in feature for adding bullets. The good news is that you can still add bullets by using several methods.

Download Bullet Inside Excel Cell Template

1. Using the keyboard shortcut method

Follow the easy steps below;

1. Highlight the cells to which you want to add bullets to

2. Double click thereafter to open the edit mode

3. You can also press F2

4. Press Alt+7 or Alt+9

ALT+F7 Excel shortcut to insert a bullet

In this way, a bullet will appear on the cell that you wanted. All these can be done if you have a numeric keyboard, especially on your laptop. In case you do not

1. Press to activate the NumLock on your keyboard.

2. Highlight the cells you want to add bullets

3. Double Click to activate the edit mode

4. Alternatively, press F2 from your keyboard

5. Press Alt+7, then press nine and immediately leave the Alt key

2. Using the insert symbol dialogue Box method

Follow the easy steps below to do this;

1. Open the Excel document

2. Select the cell you want to insert a bullet symbol to

3. Go to Insert

4. Click on Symbols and select Symbol

Insert Symbols tab

5. Click on Font from the dropdown menu that appears and choose your font. Then choose Geometric shapes as a subset.

Select font and Geometric shapes subset

6. Go down the list of symbols that are in the choices and select the bullet symbol that you wish to insert in your document

7. Press Insert Button

select the bullet of your choice and and click insert

In this case, the bullet symbol will be inserted in the cell you selected. You can use the copy and paste option to copy the bullet symbol to the rest of the cells you want.

Result after inserting a bullet in Excel cell

3. Copy-paste a list from Text editing software

Text Editing software such as Word and Google Docs make it easy for you to add lists. You can create a bullet list on either of these platforms and then copy-paste it to Excel. Let’s follow this Example using Microsoft Word.

1. Open Microsft Excel

2. Click in the home tab then select bullets

Use Microsoft Word to insert bullets

Create a list of the items that you wish

Type a list

Highlight the list then copy-paste it to Excel

Copy and paste the list to Excel cell


4. Use the CHAR function to bullet inside Excel cell

The CHAR function can be used to bullet inside Excel cell. Follow the easy steps below to do this;

1. Select the cells you want to add bullets to

2. Type the formula =CHAR(149), and this will automatically convert into a bullet on the cell you selected

use formula to insert bullet characters in Excel cell

This function comes in handy when you have a list of items, and you want to add bullets one by one.

5. The custom number formatting method

The method is suitable when you want to automatically add bullets in your Excel document any time you enter anything in the cell. The method allows you to specify how you want the data to be displayed with the bullets. Follow the easy steps below;

1. Open the Excel document

2. Select any cell and add a bullet using the keyboard shortcut shown above

3. Use your mouse to Double- Click the cell which has the bullet

4. This turns on the edit mode

5. Highlight the bullet and press Ctrl+ C to copy it

6. Highlight all the cells that you want to add bullets to using the custom method

7. Use the keyboard keys Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells Dialogue box

Shortcut to open Format cells menu in Excel

8. Go to Number Tab and choose Custom

9. A typing field appears and paste a bullet point. You can paste the bullet we copied earlier or use the shortcut ALT+7 or ALT+9 (Note that the short only works on the numerical keyboard. )

Use ALT+7 to inset a bullet on the type box

10. Write the following text in the type box. • General;• General;• General;• General;

10. Press OK

In this way, any time you go to the cells and try to type in anything, a bullet point automatically appears in the beginning.

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