How to Link Sheets in Excel: 4 Easy Methods

Linking sheets in Excel helps to pull data from one sheet to the other. This also keeps data updated in the location you are in. If you are working with multiple related sheets then you need to know how to link them. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to link sheets in Excel.

Using equal sign

1. Click the green icon ‘X’ to open the Microsoft Excel

2. Select the destination sheet that is located in the sheet tabs.

3. The list of all the worksheets you have been working on in Excel appears

4. Press on the one that you want to link to another worksheet

5. Select an empty cell in the sheet that you will link with the other data from the original sheet.

6. In the cell, insert the ‘=’ sign

Link sheets in Excel using Equal sign

7. Select the sheet which you want to pull data from in the sheet tabs. Press open.

8. Select a cell in the original sheet so that when you link the sheets, the information in this cell will also appear in the other sheet.

11. Press Enter on the Keyboard to finalize the formula

12. Excel will pull data automatically from the second sheet

Link sheets in Excel using the context menu

Use the following steps;

1. Highlight the cell that you want to insert a link

2. Use the mouse to Right-Click

3. Select the Hyperlink choice from the dropdown menu that appears

Use the hyperlink function to link sheets in Excel

4. Select the ‘Place in This Document option

5. From the Sheet tabs, choose the worksheet that you want to link with

6. In the ‘Type the cell box’ insert the address of the cell that you want to link to another cell in another Excel sheet

7. Press the OK button

The content of the cell will now become underlined in blue to show the link.

Link sheets in Excel using the HYPERLINK function

This function in Excel creates links that link up various sheets. Follow the easy steps below,

1. Select the cell in the Excel that you wish to add a hyperlink to

2. Go to the Formulas Tab and select Open Function Library

3. Select Lookup and Reference” from the menu that appears

4. Select on HYPERLINK option

5. Type to insert the link_ location textbox

6. Ensure to put in the !sign before the location

7. Insert the Friendly_ name for the cell

8. Press the OK button

To check whether the link works, click on it.

How to edit a hyperlink

There are 3 ways to edit links

  • Changing link destination
  • Modify hyperlink format
  • Remove a hyperlink

Changing link destination

Follow these easy steps

1. “Right-click” on the hyperlink you wish to edit.

2. On the popup menu, select “Edit Hyperlink.”

3. The “Edit hyperlink” dialog box will appear. You can open it in two ways. Press Ctrl+K. Alternatively, on the Insert tab, in the links group, click on “Hyperlink.”

4. On the “Edit Hyperlink dialog,” put the right information.

5. Tap “OK” and check whether the link goes to now.

Modify hyperlink format

To change the appearance of the hyperlink text:

1. On the “Home tab,” navigate to the “Styles” group.

2. Open the “Cells Styles” list.

3. Right-click on the “Hyperlink.” Incase the  “Hyperlink” is not activated, right-click “Followed Hyperlink.”

4. On the context menu, select the “Modify” option.

5. Tap on the “Format the styles” dialog box.

6. In the “format cells” dialog window, you can make changes like font, add fil color, or hyperlink alignment.

7. Once you finish, click OK.

8. In the “Style” dialog box, make sure the changes are highlighted under “style includes.” Then click OK.

How to remove a hyperlink

To delete a hyperlink, try the following steps.

1. Right-click on the “Hyperlink”, you wish to remove.

2. From the popup menu, select the “Remove Hyperlink” option.

How to hyperlink using Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a similar spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel. You can access it using any device since it’s based on the cloud. First, you need to upload the Excel document to Google Sheets then follow these simple steps.

1. Open the spreadsheet

2. Select an empty cell and type in =IMPORTRANGE

3. Add the required information in the brackets

4. Press the Enter Button

5. Press Allow so that the link can connect the two spreadsheets.

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