How to Export all WordPress Topics to Excel

If you are wondering how to export all WordPress topics to Excel, this guide is for you. By exporting your topics to Excel, you can manage future topics efficiently. You can also use it to create a topical map for interlinking. Also, you can use the filter options to prevent repeating the same article in the future. 

In this article, I will show you a step-by-step process that you can follow to Export all WordPress Topics to Excel.

Using the WP ALL EXPORT Plugin

WP ALL EXPORT is a WordPress plugin that allows users to export all their content from WordPress. It allows users to export the content using XML or a CSV file. When you choose CSV as the export option, you can open the file on Excel or Using Google Sheets. 


1. Open the WordPress dashboard

2. Click on Plugins>Add New

3. Type Export, then click the Search Icon

4. Click Install the plugin called WP ALL EXPORT and activate it

5. Scroll down on the left side panel,  hover the cursor over the All Export plugin, then click New export

6. Click on the drop-down menu and select posts from the list

7. Now click on the customize export file button. It will take you to a drag-and-drop builder that looks like this

8. If you do not want to export the content and ID, you can delete them to remain with the title only

Also, you can drag items from the side panel that you want to export to the CSV.

9.  Click on Export type to select your desired output. (The available output formats are XLS, XLSX, and CSV under the spreadsheet tab. You can also export as XML under the feed tab)

10. Now click continue

11. Tick the options that you wish to customize the export. 

12. Finally, click confirm and run export

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13. You can now click download

How to Export WordPress Users to CSV-Excel

Apart from exporting topics, you may need to export other important data, such as users. If you have hundreds to thousands of users, doing it manually may take a lot of time. Here are the steps.

Using the WP ALL EXPORT plugin

Unlike exporting topics to Excel, exporting users requires a paid stand-alone export package

1. First, hover your cursor over the All Export plugin

2. Click on New Export

3. Now click the drop-down arrow under Choose What to Export section

4. Select Users

5.  You can now advance to the next step. If you want to add more elements to the field, use the drag-and-drop builder. Here are some fields you can add to your export document



User Email

First Name

Last Name

User Registered

User Nickname

6. Next, select the export document. You can choose CSV, XML, or XLSX. All these can be accessed by Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet software. 

7. Lastly, click Export and click on the download button.

Final Thoughts

That’s how to export all WordPress topics to Excel. Using this process, you can also export other elements such as Tags, categories, users, and customers. Apart from WP all export, you can also find other plugins to export posts to Excel. . 

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