How to extract Excel to PDF

Excel Files are usually large and can only be ready by spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office and Google Sheets. For this reason, it is useful to extract Excel to PDF format

PDF is one of the fastest formats that you can use to share a document over the internet. It is lightweight, secure, compact, and maintains graphics integrity. Furthermore, most electrical devices can read and write a PDF.

There are several ways to convert Excel files to PDF. This article will guide you through each method so that you can find one that is convenient.

Saving as PDF method

This method is the easiest of them all, and therefore it is commonly used. In order to do this, follow the easy steps below;

1. Open the Excel document

2. Go to the File Tab

3. Click on Save As  then choose a destination

4. Click on Save as type drop-down and  Choose PDF to be the file type you are saving the document

5. Click on the Save button to complete the process.

In order to change the save location of the PDF file, press on More options. The Save As menu appears, and you can choose a new location to save the PDF file.

Exporting as PDF method

Follow the easy steps below to export an Excel file to PDF.

1. Open the Excel document

2. Click on the File tab on the menu

3. Select the Export tab.’

4. From the list of choices that appear, select Create PDF/XPS Document.

5. Click on Create PDF/XPS button

Choose the location in which you would like to save the PDF file.

Using the Publish as PDF Quick Access Toolbar Command method

This step makes you shun going to the File Tab. Follow the easy steps below;

1. Use your mouse to right-click anywhere in the Quick Access Toolbar

2. Select the Customize Quick Access Toolbar that is in the menu

3. The menu with Excel Options will open up

4. Choose All commands then Save as other options >> Click add>>

5.  Click okay

6. Click on the Save as Dropdown Menu and choose PDF or XPS

E-mail the Excel file as PDF Attachment

This is among the best methods. This is because it helps you convert the Excel file to PDF and also helps you to create an e-mail notification so that the PDF will be attached. No code is required in this case. Follow the easy steps below;

1. Click on the Quick Access Toolbar tab that is located in the Options menu

2. Click on All Commands from the drop-down menu that will appear

3. Scroll through the choices and choose E-mail as PDF Attachment

4. Click on Add button, then add your command to your choice of Quick Access Toolbar Command

5. Click on OK

6. Now click on the email as PDF attachment Icon on the top (Make sure you are signed in to Outlook for this option to work)

A new Outlook e-mail is thus created. The subject will be the Excel Workbook name. The newly created PDF from the Excel file will also be an added attachment to the e-mail.

Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets is spreadsheet software that you can use to extract Excel to PDF. If you don’t have Excel software then you can use Google Sheets as it’s easily accessible from any device as long as you have a Gmail account. Google Sheets also offers more options to customize the PDF. For example, you can show or hide gridlines, change orientation, page size, page order, alignment, headers, and footers. You also choose the range of cells or sheets to export as PDF

1. Upload the Excel file on Google Sheets using the file picker

2. Click on the file

3. Select Download >PDF

4. Choose the Sheet or range of cells to export

5. Hide or show Gridlines

6. Choose alignment

7. Click on the blue Export button at the top right corner

Using Acrobat PDF Maker

PDF maker is an Adobe Acrobat add-in used in Apps such as Microsoft Office after installing Adobe Acrobat. If you have Microsoft Office 2010 or the latest, then the Acrobat PDF maker will be on the main menu. Therefore, you will have an option to convert the Excel file to PDF. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Excel file

2. Use the Acrobatic ribbon to convert the excel file

3. In the top menu, click the Acrobatic tab.

4. Tap Create PDF, and choose the sheet you want to convert. Give the PDF a file name and save.

5. Check the converted PDF

6. To view the converted PDF, use a PDF reader like Foxit Reader or Adobe PDF Reader.

How to convert an Excel Table into a PDF

You may know how to convert a whole workbook to a PDF file. However, do you know one excel table to PDF file? Here are tricks to solve this job quickly.

Using Save As Function

1. Highlight the table you want to convert into PDF, tap File>Save As>Browse

  • If you have Excel 2010 or earlier, click File>Save As

2. In the “Save As” window, choose PDF from the “Save As Type” list and name the File, then click Options.

3. In the “Options” dialog, choose “Selection” in Publish what section.

4. Tap OK>Save. The table is converted to a PDF file.

Using Kutools for Excel

After installing Kutools for Excel, follow these steps:

1. Choose the table you want to convert, and tap Kutools Plus>Import/Export>Export Range to File.

2. In the “Export Range to File” dialog, look at the file format you need to convert and the relative options on the right side and choose a location to put the result file.

3. Tap OK to convert the chosen table to a pdf file.

How to extract Excel to PDF with ISO 19005-1 Compliant

PDF ISO 19005-1 is a bunch of subsets that define the manner for representing documents while still preserving visual appearance over time regardless of the method of storing, rendering, or creating the document.

1. Click File >Save As

2. Select PDF

3. Click on Options

4. Select the number of sheets and tick the ISO_19005-1 Compliant

How to convert PDF to Excel

Converting Excel to PDF is easy but what about the other way round? You can also convert PDF back to Excel using the following methods.

Method 1: Using an online converter

The easier method to convert PDF to Excel is by using an online converter. Follow these steps:

1. Visit a legit website converter. Choose PDF to Excel.

2. Tap Select PDF file and choose the PDF File from your PC, then click Choose.

3. After the File has been uploaded, tap convert to Excel.

4. On the other screen, tap download Excel. This will save the converted Excel document.

Method 2: Adobe Acrobat DC(offline)

Adobe Acrobat DC will allow you to convert any PDF to Excel online. However, it’s a paid method. Here are the steps:

1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC

2. Navigate to Tools, then tap on Export PDF.

3. Tap on Convert to then select a Spreadsheet and export format.

4. Tap on Export, and the File will be saved in excel format.

Converting the Excel File to PDF using the Power Automate method

Apart from other methods of converting Excel Files to PDF, this method is automated. PDF files can therefore be converted using the automated process. The following process can be used;

1. Click on the File you wish to convert

2. Click on PDF to be the Target type facilitating the conversion

3. Insert the Create file action

4. Press OK after the navigation

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