How to Insert a Signature in Excel behind Text

Microsoft Excel has many options that enable you to protect the document you are working on. You can insert signatures as well as add passwords.  When you insert a signature in Excel it restricts other people from editing and using the document without permission. A user first has to validate their signature before using the document. This article shows you how to insert a signature in Excel behind the text. Follow these simple steps below.

Use Excel Digital Signature Line

  • Open the document you want to add your signature to
  • Go to the File Tab
  • Select Info
  • Click on Protect document. Protect workbook> protect presentation
  • Select the option ‘Add a digital signature’

  • Press OK

These steps enable you to add an invisible digital signature to your document. You can also start by adding the signature line and then adding the signature by following the guidelines below.

How to add the signature line

In order to add the signature line, follow the steps below;

  • Select the cell you want to add signature
  • Open the ‘Insert’ tab
  • Click on Line then Select Signature Line from the choices that appear
  • Select “Microsoft Office Signature Line”

  • Fill in the required information from what you will be required in the Signature Setup box.
  • Add the name of the signer, the email address, and even the title of the signer. ‘
  • Ensure the information about the document is clear and precise. The signature can be left unclear to the document viewers
  • In the checkboxes that appear; “Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box” which allows the signer to type in information concerning why the document is being signed, and “Show sign date in signature line” which adds the date of when the document was signed
  • Press OK

How to add the signature

Follow the easy steps below;

  • Double click the signature line you have just created to open the ‘Sign’ box
  • You can also open it by right-clicking the ‘Sign’ choice

  • You can now add your signature i.e. insert your name near ‘X’ for text signature. To add an image version of your signature, “select image”. Physically sign near “X” if you are using a tablet.
  • Select ‘sign’ so that you can add a signature

If you are using a Newer Excel version you need to use Microsoft partner to add a signature. Double click on the Excel Signature line and click yes on the pop-up alert box.

Next, select the Microsft signature of your choice. There are only two approved partners which are: GlobalSign and IdenTrust . Note that these are paid options.

How to record a signature

In order to record your signature, follow the steps below;

First, add the signature line by following the easy steps below;

  • Select the location that you want the signature line to be.
  • Click Insert
  • Select Signature
  • Type in the name, title, and address of the person who is required to sign the document.
  • Press OK

Use these steps if you’re using Excel 2013 and below.

  • Go to the signature line you created and double click
  • Type in your name in the section given
  • Click on “Select Image” to choose the image version of your signature
  • Press the “Sign” option button so that you can sign the document.
  • Press OK

Use a Software to insert a signature in Excel 

The best thing about Excel is that allows developers to create software add-ons to fill gaps or increase productivity. If you want an easy and fast way to insert a signature, then you can use Electronic signature software. Examples of software that you can use include:


Signnow is an Electronic signature software that lets users insert professional signatures. Apart from Excel, this software integrates with more than 200 other applications and allows users to sign in without leaving their platforms. For example Microsoft 365, WordPress, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Hubspot, and many more.

Signnow allows Excel users to achieve endless possibilities.  You can use it to create a legally binding signature. For example, you can request other people to sign price lists, worksheets, attendance, and so on. The legality of the sign is as equal to a hard copy signature.

To use Signnow you need to sign up on the website first then download the add in.


Signaturely is an online-based software that allows users to sign documents. It is paid software but provides a free package that allows three signature requests per month. The paid plans feature unlimited software. All you have to do is sign up, create your signature and upload the Excel file that you wish to sign.

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