How to Generate a QR code in Excel: 5 Easy Ways

QR code is a 2D barcode that can be interpreted by mobile phones or scanners. Since they were introduced, QR codes have become integral to file sharing and linking physical objects.

Once you scan a QR code, you will be directed to an app, website, audio, video, or text file. Creating a QR code is easy using third-party apps. But creating QR codes for bulk items can be challenging. This is where Excel QR codes come in.

With Excel, you can create and manage hundreds of QR codes. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it.

Method 1: Using Excel Addin

Excel Addins are handy because they provide features that make work easy in Excel. They also add improved functionality or features not yet available.

1. Open the spreadsheet where you wish to insert QR codes

2. Click on Insert, then navigate to the addins section and click on the store

3. Search for QR

4. Choose a suitable plugin and click on the add button

5. Click continue to agree to the terms and conditions

6. Type the link you wish to create a QR code for

7. Choose the appropriate color and QR code size

8. Click on the insert button. The add-in will automatically add a QR code on the selected cell.

How to insert QR code in Excel using Addin

9. Repeat the same procedure for all cells.

Method 2: Using Kutools to create bulk QR codes

Kutools is an Excel addin that adds more functionality to Excel. It features a QR code generator based on the cell value. Follow these simple steps to create a QR code using Kutools

1. Download and install Kutools from ExtendOffice

2. Launch the spreadsheet containing the data you want to generate QR codes for

I will generate the QR codes for the links above in this illustration.

3. Click on the Kutools tab, then click on insert. Choose insert QR code from the list.

4. A pane will appear on the right to help with the configuration. Here you need to specify the data range containing cells with data you want to create Qr codes for. Then you need to specify the target range where the QR code will appear.

5. After selecting the range, you need to specify the color and the size.

how to insert qr code in Excel

6. Click generate

From the image above, you can see that Kutools has generated a unique QR code for every cell that we have selected. Note that the image cannot exceed 500 pixels. Once you type any number greater than 500, you will get a warning on the size box.

Method 3: Using Image Function (Excel for Microsoft 365)

You can generate unique QR codes by utilizing the image () function of Excel 365 for Windows, Web, Mac, iPhone, and Android phones. The image function helps to insert an image that fits in a cell in Excel.

1. Open the worksheet containing the data you wish to convert into codes

2. Copy and paste the following formula in the first cell adjacent to the data

= IMAGE(“×200&data=”&B3)

Remember to replace B3 with the first cell of your data

3. Press enter

4. Double-click on the fill handle to generate QR codes for the remaining cells.

How to generate QR codes in Excel using API and image function

As you can see from the above image, we have inserted the QR codes for all the links in column B.

Method 4: Generate a QR code in Excel by inserting manually

If you are working on a small amount of data, you can insert it manually; however, if you have large data sets, it’s better to use any of the methods that we have discussed above.

1. Open the workbook containing the data you wish to generate codes for

2. Open a QR code generator online

3. Copy and paste the URL on the editor (The QR code will be automatically generated.)

4. Customize the color

5. Click on download

How to generate a QR code in Excel manually

6. Select the destination cell, then click on Insert, followed by pictures

7. File manager window will launch. Now select the image that we have just generated

8. Size the image and the cells while still ensuring doesn’t distort the shape

9. Repeat the same procedure for the other links.

Download how to generate a QR code in Excel  practice Workbook

Method 5: Using Custom Font

Note that this method converts each character to a QR code rather than the whole text, string, or URL.

1. Download the AlphanumericQR font from Fontspace.

2. Extract the zip file

3. Double-click on the file with the .ttf extension

4. Click on install

5. Highlight the data you want to convert to a QR code

6. Change the font to AlphanumericQR

How to create QR codes in Excel using Alphanumeric font

Benefits of QR codes

  • They can be used to offer temporary access to online content or files
  • Makes making payments and mobile banking easy and fast
  • QR codes can be used as marketing tools when integrated into billboards, leaflets, and magazines
  • It provides more information about a product when embedded in its package
  • Used to easily share contacts on brochures, posters, and business cards. i.e., email, phone number, website, and social media

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to save a QR code from Excel as a picture

You can save the QR code that you have just generated as a picture in your file manager. By doing this, you can easily share it with other contacts.

First, copy the cell containing the image

Open Microsoft Word and paste it as a picture

Click the file save as JPG or PNG, and browse your preferred location.

2. Can you generate a QR code in Excel?

Yes, you can generate QR codes in Excel by using the Image function, external addin, or manual method.

3. How do I mass Generate QR codes in Excel?

You can mass generate QR codes using an Addin such as QR4Office or Kutools from Extendoffice. You just need to specify the range containing the links and the target range.

Final Thoughts

Excel helps users to generate bulk QR codes faster and more efficiently. You can use the built-in IMAGE function if you are on new Excel versions such as 2021 or Microsoft 365. Alternatively, you can make use of the available add-ins, which are optimized for generating QR codes. If you are generating a handful of the codes, you can just use the manual way. That is created using an online tool then add the picture to Excel

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