How to insert a picture in Excel behind the text (Easy Guide)

When working with an Excel sheet you might want to add a background picture for a more interesting look. At times, when working with Excel, adding a picture can help you insert the logo of the company you are working under, for recognition. It is simple to insert a picture in Excel behind the text and then lock the picture by following easy steps.

The article below shows you the procedures to do this.

Insert a picture behind the text using the background feature

The easiest way to add a picture in Excel behind the text is by making use of the background feature. In active worksheets, this background function enables images to be set behind the text

1. Open Insert Tab

2. Choose Pictures or

3. Click Page layout > Background.

4. Insert pictures dialog pops.

5. Next to “from a file”, click the Browse button.

6. Select the picture you want in the Sheet Background to set the picture as the background.

7. Click Insert. The background image has been set.

Background image behind text in Excel

8. To delete the picture to set a different one, Click Page Layout > Delete Background.

Insert Picture behind the text with Kutools for Excel

Kutools is an Excel adding that you can add to your Excel application to make your workflow easier. Kutools for Excel allows you to place a picture as a watermark which is then placed behind text. But first, you need to install Kutools from the official website.

After installing kutools please do as below.

1. Click Kutools > insert > Insert Watermark.

2. Choose insert picture watermark in the Insert Watermark dialog from text watermark with formatting or folder.

3. The background picture will then be inserted after you Click Apply or Ok.

Picture watermark behind text

4. Click Kutools > Delete > Delete Watermark to remove the watermark.

How to in

How to lock pictures with cells in Excel

Locking the picture you have just inserted into Excel ensures that you can move it, filter, and hide it with the Excel cells. The following steps will help you do this;

1. Right-click on the picture in Excel

2. Click Format Picture

3. Click Size and Properties in the options that appear > click on “Move and size with cells”

4. You have locked the picture and you can therefore move cells, filter, and hide the picture with the cells.

How to insert a watermark behind Text in Excel

If you want to add labels such as “invoice, Paid, Confidential Unpaid, Watermark, or sample” then you need to use the watermark feature.

1. Install Kutools

2. Click on the watermark Icon at the top right corner

3. Select text watermark

4. Write the text you wish to appear behind the cells

5. Set the Fonts and color

6. click apply and ok

How to unlock cells with pictures

You can unlock cells with pictures by following these steps.

1. Select the cells in your Excel Worksheet.

2. Right-click

3. Select Format Cells

4. Uncheck Locked, it is under the Protection tab.


How to insert a picture in an Excel comment

In order to insert a Picture in an Excel Comment, do the following;

1. Highlight the cells that you want to insert a comment on

2. Right-Click

3. Choose Insert Comment; a comment is inserted in the cell

4. The Keyboard shortcut below can also be used; Shift+F2

5. Right-click on the comment and choose “Format Comment”

6. In the format comment that appears, choose ‘Colour and Lines”

7. Select ‘Fill Effects

8. Choose Picture and select the Picture button. Search for the most suitable picture and add it to the comment.

9. Press OK

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