How to lowercase in Excel except first letter: 6 easy ways

Are you looking for ways to change the letters in Excel to lowercase except the first letter? Look no further. Excel allows you to change all the letters to lowercase, apart from the first letter of the sentence. There are several ways to do this and easy steps to follow, as given in this article.

1. Using =PROPER() function

Follow the following easy steps;

1. Type in the function =PROPER(A1) in an empty cell where you wish to apply this

2. In order to apply this to all cells, drag the handle downwards to cover all the cells to that you want to apply the formula

3. This converts all letters in the cells into lowercase, excluding the first letters.

The PROPER function converts every first letter to upper case and the rest to lowercase.

2. How to lowercase in Excel except the first letter using Formula

Use the easy steps below;

1. Type in this formula in a blank cell =UPPER(LEFT(A1,1))&LOWER(RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-1))

Note that A1 refers to the cell to that you wish to apply the formula to.

2. Use your mouse to drag the filling box to the rest of the cells that you wish to perform this action.

In this case, all the letters in the sentences in the cells will be changed to lowercase apart for the first letter.

3. Using Kutools to change capital letters to lowercase except the first letter

Use the following steps;

1. Install Kutools to Microsoft Excel

2. Highlight the cells you want to perform this action

3. Press Kutools, then Text >> Click on ‘Change Case’

4. In the menu that appears, In order to change all the capital letters to a small case, click on Proper Case. In order to change all the caps to a small case excluding only the first letter in every string, click on Sentence Case

5. Click the option most suitable for you

6. Press apply then Ok

The results

4. Using Data validation

In case you want to force users to write  text in to Lower case or Upper case, you can try out the EXACT formula . Follow the easy steps below;

For Lowercase

1. Open DATA Tab. Go to the Data Tools group

2. Select DATA Validation command

3. From the menu that comes up, click on Settings

4. Press Allow and click on Customs Value

5. Type in the formula; =EXACT(LOWER(A1),A1). (Tick the checkbox to apply the changes to other cells )

6. When you type the wrong case, then a warning pops up

You can use a customized error message on the error alert tab

For Upper Case

1. Open the DATA tab. Go to the Data Tools group and Select the Data Validation command

2. From the menu that appears, open Settings

3. Select Allow, then click on a Custom value

4. Type the formula in the box that appears; EXACT(UPPER(A1),A1)

5. All the text will be validated upfront

How to proper case Using Exact() Function

In order to convert the text strings to the proper case, then you have to use the Exact Function. Use the steps below plus the formula;

1. Open the DATA tab. Go to the Data Tools group and Select the Data Validation command

2. From the menu that appears, open Settings

3. Select Allow, then click on a Custom value

4. Type in the formula =EXACT(PROPER(A1),A1)

For all the three conversions, after adding the formula, switch to Error Alert> Press Stop. Type the Error message and press OK.

5. How to lowercase in excel except first letter using Microsoft Word 

Microsoft word is a text editing software. This means it comes with all tools to edit text efficiently. If you already have Excel, then you already Word as it comes as an Office bundle.

1. Copy the data data you wish to change Case in Excel

2. Paste the data in Microsoft word (Choose link and use destination style)

3. Highlight all the data and Click on the change case Icon on the home tab

4. Choose Sentence Case from the options that will pop up

5. Copy and paste the data back in Excel (use the “match destination theme” option)

6. Using Flash Fill

1. Create a helper column on the right column

2. Write the first name with first letter as upper Case and the rest lowerCase

3. Write the second name

4. Click on the flash fill option that will show up on the third cell

How to lowercase in Excel except first letter
How to lowercase in Excel except first letter

5. There you go all the names will change the case automatically

How to lowercase in Excel

6. Copy and paste the helper column data to replace the original data

6: VBA Code to Lowercase in Excel Except first Letter

1. Open the VBA editor

2. Click on Insert>Module

Sub LowercaseExceptFirstLetter()
    Dim rng As Range
    Dim cell As Range
    Dim text As String
    ' Prompt the user to select the range
    On Error Resume Next
    Set rng = Application.InputBox("Select the range:", Type:=8)
    On Error GoTo 0
    ' Check if a range was selected
    If rng Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "No range selected.", vbExclamation
        Exit Sub
    End If
    ' Loop through each cell in the range
    For Each cell In rng
        ' Check if the cell is not empty
        If Not IsEmpty(cell.Value) Then
            ' Get the cell value and convert it to lowercase
            text = LCase(cell.Value)
            ' Convert the first letter to uppercase
            text = UCase(Left(text, 1)) & Mid(text, 2)
            ' Assign the modified text back to the cell
            cell.Value = text
        End If
    Next cell
End Sub

3. Paste the code below into the VBA editor

4. Click on the green run Icon to run the code. You can also run the code using F5

5. Highlight the range and select okay

6. The Excel VBA will automatically lowercase the selected range except first letter.

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