How to put options in an Excel cell

Excel is a complex and an advanced tool. You can put options in Excel to make it users to validate their information. This might seem like a hard task but its very easy by following a few steps: Lets get started.

 By creating a dropdown list

1. In an open Excel worksheet, highlight cells you wish to include as options

2. Click on the Data tab of the main menu ribbon.

3. Click on the Data Validation option to display a dialog box.

Open data validation tab

4. In the pop-up dialog box, click on the Settings tab.


5. Under Validation criteria, set Allow option to List.

open settings and set validation criteria as allow list

6. Click the Source and type the information you wish to add as he options


7. Click the OK button.

Select the range

8. A list will appear once you click the Icon next to the cell

A drop down list will appear next to the cell

How to put options with an error message

1. Launch the Microsoft Excel program and open the workbook you want to add an option list.

2.  Type in the values you want to appear in the options list. Make sure your data entries are in a table.

3. In your worksheet, click the cell you wish the options list to be included.

4. Navigate to the Data tab of the main menu ribbon.

5. In the Data Tools group, click to select Data Validation.

6. In the displayed Data Validation window, click Settings .

Open settings of the validation tab

7. Pick list in the validation criteria section

8. Click  Source section and enter the range

select the range or typ what you wish to validate

9. You can opt to check the Ignore blank checkbox. This will allow user to choose leave an empty cell

10. Next, tick the In-cell dropdown checkbox. This allows a drop down feature to appear in the cell that you have selected.

11. Click on the Input Message section

Here you will be able to set a  notification that will appear every time a user clicks the cell.  To do this, tick the checkbox. Next, enter a custom alert and title in the sections provided. Check the screenshot below for illustration.

Enter the title and a little description

12. Navigate to  Error Alert  section of the Data Validation window.

Here you can type in a message that will appear when anyone enters something that is not on the List. To do this, tick  the  checkbox.  now set what style you wish:

In the dropdown arrow, you can choose Information (blue circular icon) or Warning (yellow triangular icon) to display a notification which prevent users from typing valid information. You can also select the Stop option (red circular warning) to stop people from entering data that is not in the dropdown list. Next, type in your message and title in the Title and Error message section.

Set the error message

13. Click the OK button, and the cell will have options. You can click on the drop-down arrow to view the options

click the drop down arrow to view the options

drop down list options


14. If you type something that is not on the list, it will display an error

Error console will appear when you enter wrong list

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