How to print in Excel with lines

Excel gridlines do not appear when you print a Microsoft Excel worksheet. This is a default setting in Excel that can be changed when you modify the display settings of your worksheets. But when you do this, Microsoft Excel will only show borders around cells containing actual data. Here we show you the different methods you can use to print in Excel with lines. Let’s get started.

Use the Page Setup feature to print in Excel with lines

1. Select the Excel worksheet that you want to print. You can also highlight what you want to print.

2. Click  Page Layout on the main menu ribbon.

3. In the Sheet Options group, select the Print check box under Gridlines.

Chech the print gridlines checkbox under sheet options

Sometimes the checkboxes in the Sheet Options group may appear dimmed, if this is the case, it may be because you have an object, a chart, or an image selected in your worksheet. First, cancel the selection to make it possible to use the checkboxes.

4. Click on the File tab on the main menu.

5. On the displayed menu, click Print. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

6. Hit the Prt key to start printing your worksheet.

Additional steps to take before printing

Preview the gridlines – you can first preview your gridlines before printing to see how they will print. To do this,  launch File tab. Here you will see a preview of the worksheet. You will notice gridlines appear on the section with the data. To include any empty cells, you need to set the printing section to have the empty cells .

Preview the sheet before printing

Troubleshoot printing issues with gridlines – if you cannot see a preview of the gridlines in your worksheet in the preview window, you will need to untick the checkbox. This checkbox will appear on the Sheet tab in the Page Setup dialog box. Most times, the Draft Quality is always enabled as it is designed to save ink hence omitting gridlines.

Use the Page Setup method to print in Excel with lines

1. In an open Excel worksheet, click on the Page Layout tab on the main menu ribbon.

2. In the Page Setup group, click on the dialog box launcher at the bottom right corner.

Print gridlines through page setup

3. In the open Page Setup dialog box, click on the Sheet tab.

4. Under the Print section, checkmark the Gridlines check box.

chek the print gridlines checkbox

5. Click on Print Preview to open the print option.

Prview the sheet before prinytng

6. Select the Print option.

click print

How to change the Excel gridlines color

The default gridline color in Excel is gray. It’s possible to change the excel gridlines color before you print. Follow these easy steps

1. Click on File

2. Click on options

3. Click on Advanced

4. Scroll down to Display options for this workbook

5. Select Gridline Color and choose your preferred color

6. Click OK to save your changes

How to change Excel gridlines color


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to print Excel sheet with rows and columns

To print an Excel sheet with rows and columns simply means you want to print with gridlines. To do this, you just need to tick the print gridlines checkbox under page layout.  Simply open the print layout tab>sheets options, then tick print gridlines.

2. Why is Excel not printing lines?

If your Excel is not printing lines its probably that you have not enabled the print gridlines feature. If is still not printing lines even after checking thinking this option, and the gridlines appear on the preview section then you need to check the printer. Try using a different printer.

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