How to sum in per month, week, or day in Excel

When you have a big chunk of data, it may become tedious to sum up, every monthly, weekly, or even yearly total one by one. Excel has several ways to do this without so much hassle. Here are some of the ways you can sum in per month, week, or day in excel easily.

Sum Data in Excel per month/ week/Day in excel with Pivot Table

This is one of the simplest ways to do the sum of data in excel monthly, weekly, or daily for data regardless of the data size. Here are the steps that you are to follow.

1. Launch Excel and open the worksheet that you want to sum data in excel per month, week, or day.

2. Select all the original data tables in an open workbook.

3. Click on the Insert tab of the main menu ribbon.

4. In the Tables group, click on the From Table/Range options

5. A pop-up screen PivotTable from table or range appears. You will specify the place where the Pivot Table report will be placed. Choose New Worksheet and click OK.

6. Now Pivot Table Fields Pane is opened on a new worksheet. You will drag the Date field (a field that you want to sum by) to the Rows section alongside the Bal.Amount (the field you will sum) to the values section. Note: This can also be done by clicking the Date field and the Bal. Amount (the field you will sum) and select Add to Rows Labels and Add to Values, respectively, on the right-clicking menu.


7. A table is created on the left. On the Row labels column (Date field). Select any date and right-click and select Group from the right-clicking menu.

8. A Grouping dialogue box will appear. Now you can proceed and choose whether to highlight a criterion you will use to sum By Box. Whether it is by day, months, or years depending on your choices.

9. Then click OK.


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