How to take Excel out of read only: 5 easy ways

Excel read-only feature can be very useful. This is because it helps ensure that your document is not interfered with. The read-only feature provides security for the document so that the next user cannot perform changes. However, they can still read the data.

It protects the document from both parties, those who might want to intentionally change the document or those who might do it unintentionally. However, one might need to take the document out of this feature to enable you to accomplish this miss. Let us look at five ways to help you take excel out of read only. 

If the file is marked as read only recommended 

1. Choose ‘NO’ if asked if you want to launch the excel worksheet with the feature.

2. You’ll then choose ‘FILE’ then click ‘SAVE AS’ then ‘BROWSE.’

3. Click ‘TOOLS,’ usually, and then choose the option of ‘GENERAL OPTIONS.’

4. Under the general options, you’ll find the read-only recommended box and’ UNCLICK IT.

5. You’ll then proceed to save the document by clicking on ‘OK’ and ‘Save.’

How to take Excel out of read only if the file is marked as final

When a document is marked as final, the output is final. It can not be edited using any command. That’s why they are termed as ‘MARKED FINAL.’ However, one might still want to edit. If that is your ultimate goal, then follow the below steps:

1. Open the document.

2. You’ll receive a pop-up notification that it is marked final.

3. Select ‘EDIT ANYWAY’ on the notification that indicates it is marked as final.

4. This will turn off read-only feature, allowing you to edit the work.

If the file is password protected

On some occasions, you might find an excel worksheet password-protected. Thus you will be required to input the required password so that you can access the document.

When you open it up, a warning will pop up with a place where you will be required to put the password. If you want to crack this, then follow the below steps:

1. When the pop-up shows, select the option to read it as ‘READ ONLY.’

2. Navigate to ‘FILE’ followed by ‘SAVE AS’ then ‘BROWSE.’

3. Click ‘TOOLS’ and ‘GENERAL OPTION.’

4. Delete the password in the box. Also, untick read-only if it’s ticked

5. Click ‘OK.’

6. Click Save

7. Finally, open the new document instead of the old one.

An alternative method to remove a password

There are many methods to secure the Excel file. That means there are also many ways to remove the password. Therefore, If the first method didn’t work, then you can try this method. 

1. Click on file 

2. Click on info

3. Click on protect worksheet dropdown

4. Select encrypt with password/ protect current sheet 

5. Delete the password

Delete password to take Excel out of read only

How to take Excel out of read only if the file attribute is set as read-only

If the file attributes in the file manager are set as read only, then the excel file will open in read only mode. You can take excel out of read only by editing the file attributes.

1. Right-click on the file in the file explorer

2. Click on properties from the pop-up menu

3. A file properties box will pop up. Search for Read-only in the Attributes section

4. If the Read-Only checkbox is ticked then you need to untick it

5. Apply changes and click OK

Edit file attributes to take Excel out of read only

If the file is in protected view

If you have downloaded an excel file from the internet, it may open in a protected view. Excel will display this message “Be careful files from the internet can contain viruses. Unless you need to edit it’s safe in protected view.” In addition, This is a security feature to protect users from harmful files. If you trust the source click Enable editing. This will take Excel out of read-only.

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