How to Create a Button in Excel: Easy Guide

Excel is sophisticated software that is useful across almost all industries. It allows users to create buttons that perform specific tasks when clicked on. There are two types of buttons that you can create in Excel. These are the options buttons and the Toggle buttons. The options button allows users to choose items from a drop-down list. It is also commonly referred to as a radio Button.

In this article, I will guide you on how to create a button in Excel

Option/Radio Button

Follow these simple steps to create an option button

1. Launch your Excel and Click on the Developer tab

If your developer tab is not enabled by default, you can add it under the customizing the ribbon section. First click on file>options, then click on customize the ribbon. Click the drop-down arrow labeled Choose commands from and select all tabs. Under all tabs, click on the developer tab and then click on the add button.

How add developer Tab in Excel

Once you press ok, you will notice that the Developer Button has been added.

2. Click insert

Under the developer tab, click on the insert button

3. Select the button you wish to add

  • After clicking the insert button, a list of Excel button types will appear. The buttons are divided into two types. The first type is form controls, while the second one is ActiveXControls. To add an option button, you need to select the option button
How to insert radio button in Excel
  • Next, place the cursor where you wish the button to appear and click on that region.
  • Repeat the step above to add more option radio buttons.
  • To edit text, place your cursor on the radio button, then right-click and select edit text
Excel options

As you can see from the image above, we have created three options buttons. This kind of button only allows users to select one item.

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Toggle Button

A toggle button performs a certain function once clicked. This is the most common type of button used on websites, apps, and operating systems. A toggle button can be assigned a macro or certain function hence saving you hours of manual work. There are many ways to create a toggle button in Excel.

Method 1: Using Shapes

You can create buttons in Excel using Shapes. When you create using shapes, you get to enjoy more control over how your buttons appear. It gives more control compared to ActiveX and Control buttons. For instance, you can change the font, color, style, and design of the buttons you create using shapes.

1. Click on the insert tab, then navigate to the illustrations and click on the shapes drop down. Here you can click on any rectangular shape.

How to create radio buttons using shapes

2. Use the mouse to draw a button on your preferred location in the Excel Sheet

3. Insert text on the button by right clicking then select edit text

How to edit Text on Button in Excel

4. To format your button further, click on the format button under the drawing tools section

How to format buttons in Excel

5. Under this section, you can change the button color, effect, font style, and much more.

6. If you wish to add a hyperlink, edit text, or assign a macro, all you need is to right-click on the button and choose from the list options.

7. For example, to assign a macro, I will select the Assign a macro option

How to Assign a macro in Excel buttons

8. After clicking on the Assign a Macro button, a dialogue box will pop up, prompting you to choose a Macro.

9. Unde this pop-up window, select your preferred Macro, and press Ok.

10. Now, the button is set and has been assigned a Macro. So you can click on the button to activate thMacro. Just place the cursor over the button and click once it turns to a hand cursor.

11. You can prevent the button from moving or resizing with the cell. To achieve this right, click on the button and select format shape properties, then click on the button “don’t move or size with cells.”

Method 2: Using Form Controls

1. Visit the developer Tab, then click on the insert drop-down under the controls section.

2. After clicking the insert drop down, choose the first button that appears under form controls.

How to create a button in Excel using form control

3. Use your mouse to draw anywhere you wish to place the button on the spreadsheet. Then assign, a macro pop-up window will appear. Select theMMacro you want to assign and click okay

4. After pressing the button, you will realize that the button has been created. Now you can edit the button text by right-clicking and then select “Edit Text.”

5. To add style to the button, Right click, then choose format control. Under this section, you can change the button font styles.

6. Additionally, you can freeze the movement of the button by clicking on properties and then select “Don’t move or size with cells.”

How to freeze buttons in Excel

7. Finally, press ok to apply all changes

Method 3: Create a button Using ActiveX controls

1. Click on the Developer Tab, then click on the Insert Icon under the controls group

2. A window will appear containing form controls and ActiveX controls. Choose the first button Icon under the ActiveX controls section.

How to add a Button using ActiveX controls in Excel

3. Use the cursor to draw the button on the spreadsheet. A button named CommandButton1 will be created on the area you have just drawn/highlighted.

4. Navigate to the controls section and click on the view code option. This will Launch the VBA code Editor

5. Make sure the two drop-down menus are selected as CommandButton1 and Click, respectively

How to Edit VBA code for A buton in Excel

6. You can write the VBA code that will be activated once the button is clicked in the VBA editor.

Final Thoughts

Buttons make work easier in Excel. They are mostly assigned macros to perform specific tasks when clicked. In this article, we have discussed two types of buttons. Additionally, we have discussed three methods that you can use to create a toggle macro button in Excel.

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