How to deselect in Excel after copying

Excel has a lot of tricks within it to solve some simple mistakes and increase productivity. However, some things might be missing in excel and may lead to frustrations. In the past, excel didn’t have some of the things like deselecting in Excel after copying. Thanks to the excel team, they have taken the user’s reviews seriously and included some of the things in the spreadsheet. To enjoy more Excel features, use the current excel or can go for the premium version. In this article, I have some of the methods you can use to deselect in excel. Here are some of the methods you can use to deselect Extra columns and cells.

How to deselect extra columns or cells

You might be frustrated to have selected extra columns or cells in your Excel. However, you can use the Deselect tool introduced by excel to deselect cells and columns. Unfortunately, excel 365 subscribers and Excel 2019 and above are the ones who can access the feature.

Steps to deselect

If you are able to use the deselect tool in your Excel worksheet. Here are the procedures with your mouse and Ctrl key.

  • Hold the control key.
  • Click on the cell that you want to deselect. You can click and drag in case you want to deselect the entire or part of a column.

how to deselect in Excel


  • If you accidentally deselected, just repeat the same procedure to select. Just hold the control key as you drag it back to the cells that you want to reselect.

Those are the steps to deselect in Excel using the deselect tool. Therefore, you can update to “the latest version of office 365” and begin using this feature.

How to deselect the whole selection

You can deselect a whole selection after copying by double-clicking on an empty cell.

Bonus tip

You can only select data in the Excel version that is not protected. Here are different options to select your data in Excel.

  • You can select data using your mouse by dragging along the cells that you want to select.
  • You can also select by holding on shift key then click on a cell where excel will select on cells between it.
  • In case you want to select “non contiguous cells” just make your selection while holding the Ctrl key. For me, I really appreciate this small improvements in Excel. I can now select the whole cells then deselect them easily.

Those are the ways you can use to select either part of the columns of the whole columns in your Excel. With the deselect tool, you won’t require to cancel the whole selection if you didn’t select the correct cells.

Last word

I hope the above tutorials were helpful to you, but in case of anything, you can comment below. You can follow Excel Weez for more Excel tricks and tips.

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