How to insert a watermark in Excel behind the text

Using a watermark in Excel is a common way of identifying files that belong to a creator and protecting these files from unauthorized use or access. Watermarks help prevent your data from being plagiarized or used by another person as their own. A watermark may be an image, a company’s logo, or a distinct object. You can create a watermark and display it behind data in the financial statements of your company to prevent any other person from copying and presenting the data as theirs.

In this article we will discuss how to insert a watermark behind the text in Excel. Let’s get started.

Creating a watermark in Excel

1. In an open Excel workbook, click Insert tab on the main menu.

2. In the Text group, select Word Art, choose your font, and type Statement.

Click insert text then select word art

3. Copy the Word Art by pressing the keyboard keys Ctrl + C.

use ctrl+c to copy

4. Paste the results into Paint and save the Picture.

5. Click Header and Footer options in the Text group. Clicking here will change your Worksheet View to Page Layout.

Click insert header and footer

6. For the Header, select either left, right or center. This will be displayed in three boxes that let you choose where to insert the watermark. Clicking on either of the options will display the Design Context tab.

7. In the Design Context tab, click on the Picture. It will open the Insert Picture Dialog box.

Insert picture on the design section

8. In the Insert Picture dialog window, click the browse button.

9. Insert the image in the Header from the location you saved the paint file by double-clicking on it.

10. Take note that the Picture will not be displayed, but Excel will show a code of the Picture & [Picture].

insert picture

11.  Click any part outside , and you will notice the watermark is inserted behind your data in the worksheet.

Watermark behind text in Excel


Formatting the watermark picture in Excel

1. In an open Excel worksheet, click header section.

2. It will open the Header & Footer section.

3. Here, click the Format Picture option to display a dialog box.

4.While you are on Format Picture section, click on the Picture tab.

5. Next, click on the Color option and choose an option.

Removing a watermark in Excel

Sometimes a watermark may disrupt the normal viewing of an Excel file. You may also need to alter your watermark from the previous one. But, to do this, you will need to remove the existing watermark.

1. In an open Excel workbook, select the worksheet that contains the watermark.

2. Click on the Header at the top of the Excel sheet.

3. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the watermark.

4. Next, click anywhere on the worksheet. To get a normal view of the worksheet, click on the View tab of the main menu ribbon.

5. In the Workbook Views group, click on the option Normal. With these steps, you will have successfully removed the watermark from your worksheet.

Download the practice worksheet

Excel template practice worksheet

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