How to expand the hidden rows in Excel

When working with large complex worksheets in Excel, it is quite common to hide some rows. It helps you conceal information you may not need at that particular time. Or you may receive a spreadsheet that has some of the columns and rows hidden. With a simple mouse click, you can hide your rows. But what happens when you need to access the hidden rows? Expanding hidden rows in Excel is not easy as hiding them. Here are steps you have to expand the hidden rows in Excel.

In our guide, we discuss the different methods to expand the hidden rows in Excel. Let’s get started.

Keyboard shortcut to expand hidden rows 

1. Launch your Microsoft Excel program.

2. Open the workbook that containing hidden rows.

3. select your entire workbook using the shortcut ctrl+A

Press ctrl+A to select all the cells

4. Press the Ctrl + Shift + 9 ( at the same time to expand all the hidden rows within your workbook.)If this shortcut  doesn’t work on your Excel, try Ctrl +Shift + 0

Use ctrl+shift+9 to to unhide hiiden rows

How to expand individual rows in Excel

1. Launch your Excel program and open the worksheet that contains the hidden rows.

2. Highlight the top and bottom rows on any side you want to expand.

3. Right-click on the selection to display a drop-down menu.

4. In the menu, click Unhide.

Right click and select unhide

Expanding multiple rows using command tools

1. In an open Excel worksheet, click on the Home tab on the main menu ribbon.

2. Go to the Cells section and click on the drop-down arrow next to the Format option.

3. Move your cursor to the Visibility area. Here you will find various options to hide and expand columns and rows .

4. Move your cursor on Hide & Unhide option or select the option to display the options given.

5. Select Unhide Rows from the given options list. The command will show all the hidden rows in your workbook.

Use the format cells section to unhide rows

Expanding Excel rows by adjusting the row height

By default, all Excel rows are set at the height of 14.4. You can reset the height of all your rows, and this will automatically expand all the hidden rows.

1. Launch your Microsoft Excel program and open your worksheet.

2. Click the Select All button (triangular button) in the upper-left corner of your spreadsheet. It will select your entire worksheet. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A.

select all cells

3. Click on the Home tab on the main ribbon.

4. In the Cells group, click Format to display a drop-down menu.

5. Under the Cell Size section, click on the option Row Height to display a pop-up window.

Click format then row height

6. In the displayed Row Height window, type in Excel’s default row height (14.4)

set the row height as 14.4 to unhide rows

7. Click on the OK button. Afterward, you will notice all your rows are visible, including the rows that were hidden via height properties.

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