How to insert multiple rows in Excel above

You are working on an Excel worksheet, then realize that you need additional rows above. Luckily, you can insert multiple rows using the excel built-in features. Multiple rows can be inserted using the same processes. Therefore, you are at the right place to learn how you can add multiple rows. Let’s get started.


You can add multiple rows in an excel worksheet using four different methods. We will take you through all of them, and it’s up to you to choose the ones that’ll work well for you. Here are the methods

Insert rows using the insert option – for adding rows above in excel

This is the best method to add the rows above to your excel worksheet. In this method, you’ll have to choose the number of rows you need to insert. For example, when selecting two rows, you’ll insert two extra rows.

Step 1

Highlight the number of rows you want to insert. In this case, you’ll select beginning from the first row so as to insert those extra rows above.

Step 2

After selecting the number of rows to insert above, Go to your Home tab, next hit insert.

Insert multiple rows in Excel above using the insert feature

Step 3

Excel will add empty rows above. You can thereafter fill your data in those empty rows.

Insert multiple rows using the copy and paste method

Microsoft Excel worksheet is flexible. Have you ever imagined we can copy and paste cells? Yes, it’s possible to copy and paste blank rows. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Highlight those blank rows, then copy them.

Step 2

After copying, choose/highlight the number of cells you want to add. For example, highlight seven rows if you need seven extra rows. Here, the rows will be inserted right below. Therefore, if you need extra rows on the top, take the uppermost row/heading row.

Step 3

After selecting the row, right-click, followed by the insert option.

insert multiple rows above by copy pasting cells

Step 3:

Select shift cells down

shift cells down to add multiple rows above automatically

Step 4

The copied raw will be inserted below the highlighted. You can repeat the same procedure to add multiple rows. To add as many rows, you will highlight several top rows after copying the black ones.

Using the shortcut key (Alt+R)

Short cuts make work easier. In this case we shall use alt+R

Step 1

Select and highlight the rows that you wish to insert new rows above.

Step 2

use the shortcut keys shift+spacebar to select the rows to the end

Step 3

Once you’ve selected the number of rows you need, click on the “Alt + I” button to add those rows.

If you have selected three rows and added them, you will use the “Alt+R” to add extra three rows.

insert multiple rows above using shortcut alt+I then alt+R

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Insert multiple rows using right click

1. Select and highlight the number of cells equivalent to the rows that you wish to insert

2. Right-click using the mouse

3. Select insert

4. Select shift cells down

Using ctrl+T in a table

Excel tables operate differently. Here is how you can do it  in Excel tables.

1. First, let’s start by converting our data into a table(press ctrl+T)

2. After creating the table select and highlight a few rows equivalent to the rows that you wish to ad

Now use the shortcut Alt+H+I+A

Final word

Those are the methods to add rows in your Excel. All of them deliver the same results; choose the one that is convenient for you.

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