How to insert Excel inside Word

Microsoft applications such as Excel and Word documents can be linked together. For example, you can inset Excel inside a word to showcase a  chart, a table, or important data.

You may have created a chart in Excel and want to insert it into a Word document. Inserting any Excel feature say chart in a Word document allows you to get any updates that you make to the starting Excel feature. It also automatically updates the information/ change to the Word document. The data, therefore, stays in sync. This tutorial will help you insert Excel inside Word.

Using Copy/ paste method to insert Excel inside Word Doc

This is considered the fastest method to embed an Excel Worksheet into a Word document. Follow the easy steps below;

1. Open the Excel Worksheet you want to insert into Word

2. Select the cells that have the data in the document

3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ C or you can right-click using your mouse and click on the option Copy

copy data from Excel

4. Click to place the cursor in the Word document you want to insert the Excel Worksheet

5. Right Click using your mouse and click on the Paste option in the dialog box that appears

6. Use the keyboard keys Ctrl+ V also to paste the Excel Worksheet to Excel

Use ctrl+v shortcut

The Excel cells that you selected in Excel will appear perfectly on your Word document.

Using the Embedded Object option

Follow the easy steps below;

1. Highlight that section of Excel that you want to be copied

2. Press Ctrl+ C or right-click with your mouse and click on the copy options

3. Open the Microsoft Word document you want to insert the Excel Worksheet

4. Click to place the cursor on where you want to insert the data Worksheet from Excel

5. Open the Home Tab

6. Select Paste and in the dropdown menu that appears, select Paste Special

7. Click on Microsoft Excel > Worksheet Object from the choices that appear

8. Click OK

The cells which you copied in Excel will be inserted into the Word document. You are also allowed to resize the object so that it can perfectly fit into the Word document. To edit the cells, double-click on the object and the spreadsheet will open in Microsoft Excel. Once you are done editing, save the document. The changes will also be reflected in the Word document.

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How to insert Excel in PowePoint

How to insert an Excel chart into a Word document

follow the easy steps below;

1. Open the Word document that you want to insert the Excel feature say Chart

2. Click on the Insert Tab

3. Go to the Text then Object command and click on it

4. In the dialog box that opens, press ‘Create from File’ and select Browse

click on browse

5. Choose the desired Excel Chart that you want to add to Word.

6. Press Insert

Choose the table to insert to word

7. Click to check the box that is next to Link to file

Select link to file

Word will update the Excel chart via Word Chart even when changes are made to Excel Chart. Press OK once you are done. You will see the Excel Chart in your Word document. You can edit the chart you have just inserted by double-clicking on the chart. Once you are done making changes, press save.

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