How to Insert Excel into PowerPoint: Easy Guide

Microsoft Office apps such as Excel and PowerPoint can work together. These apps are designed to be compatible to help connect different data sources to one place.

Therefore, if your data is in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can embed it in either of the documents. One of the most common scenarios is when you need to insert Excel into a PowerPoint slide.

This article will show you different easy ways to achieve this integration.

Using Copy and Paste Method

The easiest way to integrate Excel into PowerPoint is simply copying and pasting an object. Here is an Example: I want to copy the table below, which is in Excel, to a blank PowerPoint slide.

1. Open both Excel and PowePoint documents

2. Select  the table you wish to copy

Excel table to insert into powerpoint

3.  Click on the paste Icon on PowerPoint and select the first, second, or third option. Alternatively, you can paste using the Shortcut CTRL + V. (The first, second, and third options are good if you want to paste data as editable on the PowerPoint. The third option allows you to embed the table as it is in Excel. If you choose to paste as text, only all the formatting will be lost, but you can still edit the values)

paste options in powerPoint

4. This method will paste the values as an editable table. This means you can edit the values directly in the Powerpoint software.

Shortcut to insert Excel into powerpoint

5. In most cases when you paste an Excel table to PowerPoint, it appears small. You can enlarge it by using the mouse.

 Alternatively, you can increase the font size, which will increase the size of the Excel object significantly. 

All you need to do is click on the font increase Icon under Home>Font in PowerPoint

increase fontsize on powerpoint

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Using the Object Method to Insert Excel into PowerPoint

You can insert an Excel spreadsheet as an object in Excel. What this achieves is storing the last synced Excel data as an object in PowerPoint. 

1. Click on the Insert tab under your PowerPoint  

2. Next, click on Object under the text group

A new pop-up box will appear, prompting you to create New Object or Select From File

Insert Excel as Object in Excel

3. If you already have data in an existing file, select create from File. However, if you do not have already, you can select the Create new option.

4. Click on the browse button, select your Excel file from the file explorer, and finally click on okay

How to link Excel to PowerPoint to update automatically

Note that you can tick the option Link to update the Excel data automatically. This means whenever changes are made to Excel, it will update in the PowerPoint automatically. If you don’t link, only the last synced data will be displayed. 

5. The Excel file will be displayed as an object on your PowerPoint (Note that the sheet that will be displayed is the active sheet on Excel by default)

Excel as an Object in powerpoint

You can edit the object directly in PowerPoint by double-clicking on it. Alternatively, you can just right-click on the object and select the option to edit

How to insert Excel Chart in PowerPoint

Apart from tables, the next common object that users are actively integrating into PowerPoint is Excel charts. 

It makes sense because that’s where most people store important data. Besides, Excel is widely used to analyze and visualize data in form of charts and graphs. 

If you already have a chart or graph in Excel ,there is no need to recreate it in PowerPoint from scratch. You can just insert or embed it easily. Here is how: 

1. Open both the spreadsheet containing the chart or graph and the PowerPoint document. 

2. Right-click on the Excel graph and select copy

3. Head over to your PowerPoint document and right-click

As you can see from the image above, you will get 5 different paste options. The first option allows you to use the destination theme, while the second allows you to keep source formatting and Embed the workbook. 

The third option allows you to use the destination theme and and link the data. If you are looking to keep the source formatting and link the data then select the forth option. Finally, the fifth option allows you to paste as an image.

How to Insert PowerPoint into Excel

There are many ways to insert a PowerPoint document into Excel. It all depends on what you wish to achieve. If you only want to attach PowerPoint file in Excel with an Icon, follow this guide. Otherwise, here are the steps to embed your presentation to Excel. 

1. Make sure you have saved the PowerPoint slide where you can easily recall.

2. Head over to Excel and select a cell where you want to embed the presentation

3. Click on the insert tab, followed by the text drop-down, then select Object

4. In the next step, select create from file tab, then browse for your PowerPoint document

How to insert PowerPoint in Excel

When you link to a file or display it as an Icon, any changes that you make in the PowerPoint document will be displayed in the Excel file.

The image below shows 24 PowerPoint Slides embedded in Excel.

PowerPoint Slides in Excel

If you want to achieve the same results as above easily, you can just copy and paste the PowerPoint object you wish into the spreadsheet. While pasting, you will get an option to link the source document so that it updates automatically. 

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