How to strikethrough in Excel: (4 methods)

When going through Excel worksheets, you may have come across worksheets that have a line drawn through data and end up wondering how it is done. That is strikethrough formatting. Although it is hardly used, it is a good method to visibly show that something is no longer relevant, it has been removed from your text without really removing it.

You can use strikethrough formatting in your Excel worksheets. Unfortunately, it is not easily locatable in Excel’s command ribbon. Here, we take you step-by-step on the different ways to access strikethrough formatting in Excel. Here we go.

Using the Home tab to add strikethrough in Excel

You can add strikethrough formatting in Excel to any cells on the Home tab in the main menu ribbon. Here is what to do:

1. In an open Excel workbook, select the cells that contain data you want to strikethrough.

2. Click  Home  on the main menu ribbon.

3. Under the Font section, click Format Cells box launcher button in the bottom right corner to display the Format Cells window.

4. In the open Format Cells window, click on the Font tab option.

5. Under Effects, select the Strikethrough

6. Hit OK


Right-clicking to open the Format Cells window

1. In an open Excel worksheet, right-click on your mouse to display a menu.

2. In the menu, look through the different options and click on the Format Cells

3. In the displayed dialog box, click on the Font tab

4. Under Effects, select the Strikethrough

5. Press the OK

Keyboard shortcut to open the Format Cells dialog box

For the lovers of keyboard shortcuts that come in handy while using Excel, click Ctrl + 1 to launch Format Cells Window.

From here, continue with the steps above to add strikethrough formatting to your text.

Apart from this keyboard shortcut, you can also use a different shortcut to directly open Font window under Format Cells section.

You can use the shortcuts below:

Ctrl + Shift + F

Ctrl + Shift + P

The shortcuts above will open the Font tab. Go to the Effects section and click on the Strikethrough checkbox. Note, that this method only applies when you want to access formatting options under the Font tab. You will not be able to implement other techniques as the other tabs under the Format Cells dialog box will not be accessible.

Keyboard shortcut to add Strikethrough on data

If you want a direct way to add Strikethrough to your data without having to go through the Home tab or the Format Cells dialog box, you can use the formula below.

Ctrl + 5

1. Here, you will first select the cell or range of cells you wish to apply a strikethrough.

2. Next, press the keyboard shortcut above to implement the formatting.

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