How to Take Excel off Protected View

By default, excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft word often open files in read-only mode if you open them from unsafe locations. One significant advantage of opening files in protected view is it avoids viruses and malware, keeping your computer safe and healthy. However, the protected view in excel only opens documents in read-only mode, which disables editing. This makes it difficult to access and make changes to files you download from the internet.

So, how do you resolve this error?

Enabling Edit Mode

Once excel opens a file in protected view, you can enable editing mode if you are certain that it is from a safe location. That is from a friend, colleague, or any other source you trust. Enable editing by following these steps:

1. After the file opens, a message will notify you that the file is opened in protected view. Next to it, click on “Enable Editing.”

2. Go to the ribbon and click “File” > “Info.”

3. Lastly, click “Enable Editing.”

The process can be a bit different if you are using the old excel versions, i.e., excel 2007. For instance, you will notice some excel versions ask you to “Enable Content” instead of the usual “Enable Editing.”

You can now continue reading and editing your file without any restrictions.

How to take Excel off protected view using Trusted Folders

This process entails selecting several folders to act as trusted folders and safe zones for your excel files. With the trusted folder approach, excel will not ask you to enable editing when opening files. In fact, it is best if you frequently send and receive files from your employees, co-workers, etc.

To disable the protected view by setting a folder as trusted, do the following:

1. Click “Files” and navigate to “Options.”

2. Then, click “Trust Center.”

3. Proceed to “Trust Center Settings”

4. Activate “Trusted Location”

5. Select the “Add New Location” button. A dialog box with Microsoft Office Trusted Location will open.

6. Click “Browse” to search the folder you want to add

7. Click “OK” to save all the changes

How to take excel off Protected View permanently

If you are sure about your source of files, then permanently disabling the protected view is no problem. Do this by:

1. Click “Files” and navigate to “Options.”

2. Then, click “Trust Center.”

3. Proceed to “Trust Center Settings” > “Protected View.”


4. On the menu that appears, disable protected view on the checkbox showing “Enable Protected View For Files Originating From The Internet.” You can also disable checkmarks in the boxes showing; “Enable Protected View For Files Located in Potentially Unsafe Locations” and “Enable Protected View For Outlook Attachments.”

5. Click “OK” to save all your changes.

Now the protected view mode is permanently removed, you can proceed to edit your document.

Clearing Using Info Option

This process is similar to the one mentioned above, only that you will use the file menu. You can take Excel off protected view by clicking the edit icon in the info settings.

1. Click on “File Tab”

2. On the ribbon, click on “Info.”

3. Select “Enable Editing”

You will realize that excel automatically removes the protected view.

Enabling Protected View

You can use the methods mentioned earlier to disable the protected view. However, if you are uncertain about your source of files, it is advisable always to open them in protected view. You can do this by:

1. Select “File”

2. Click “Open” and then continue using “Protected View.”

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