How to preview the Excel worksheet

Excel offers users different ways to preview their Excel worksheets before printing out of making a final copy. When previewing your work, you get to identify any final adjustments you may want to make before saving or printing a final copy. Viewing your worksheet before printing out the final copy can help prevent many errors and paper wastage. So, here we focus on guiding you on how to preview the Excel worksheet. Let’s get started.

How to preview the Excel worksheet before printing

When working with Excel documents, it is good to preview the worksheets before printing out the work. This helps you avoid any unexpected results or having wasted papers littering your bin. A print preview will display your Excel worksheet exactly as it will be printed. Below are steps to follow when previewing your worksheet before printing it?

1. Select the Excel worksheet you want to preview.

2. Click the File tab on the main menu.

3. Click on the option Print to display the preview window and options. Here you will get to see a preview of your Excel; worksheet.

4. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F2.

5. If you are working with multiple Excel sheets, you can click on the Next Page and Previous Page arrow options to see a preview of all your worksheet. You can also directly change the number of the page you want to view by pointing to the page you need to preview instead of clicking the arrow marks.

6. If you want to view multiple worksheets, click on the option Settings under the Printing options page.

7. Click the ‘Entire workbook’ option to get a preview of your worksheet.


To exit the Print Preview window and return to your Excel workbook, click on any of the arrows in the upper left of the window.

If you want to change the margins of your workbook, drag the margins to your preferred height and width. You can also do this by dragging the handles at the top or bottom of the print preview page.

previewing as a web page

Sometimes you may save your excel worksheet as a web page to make it easier for any other users with an internet browser to view it. Sometimes it may be tedious to first save your work before viewing it on your web page. Here, we guide you on how you can add a Web Page Preview button in Excel which will help you preview your work before saving any changes.

1. In your open Excel workbook, click on the File tab.

2. Select Options.

3. Next, select ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ from the given list.

4. In the displayed drop-down menu ‘Choose Command From‘, select the option ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon.

5. From the given list, select ‘Web Page Preview.’

6. Click the ‘Add‘; button and then click ‘OK’ to save the changes made.

7. Lastly, go to your Excel worksheet and click on the Web Page Review button in the Quick Access menu.

The Excel sheet will preview in a web browser

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